Oh No! Not the Recall!! What if…

Do you worry?

This is all in the hands of the God who parted the waters and defeated death itself. I refuse to think for one second that He is not in control, no matter the outcome.  I know that they are going to try everything in their power to destroy the momentum of those who are against tyranny. Are we still America? Are we still the ONLY nation built on the foundation of Jesus? Jesus, your name is power.  

In the event of the recall NOT going through, there will be immense power that grows from it. The nation will rise up.  Gavin Newsom will receive American justice.  In the event where he is recalled, America will rise up again.  They will see that California is truly a Republican state, growing in our faith and trust in the One True God – Christ Jesus our Lord.

We were settled by the roughest-toughest cowboys in the West.  We are a bunch of farmers, gold-rushers, hard-knock settlers with more grit and determination than all the hair gel in the world his soft-hands can depend on.  Soft-hands can never accomplish what a nation built on hard work can.  

This nation is still UNDER GOD, no matter how hard they try to take Him away.  Their attempts are in VAIN because they are STILL speaking His name and there is POWER in His name!  The enemy knows who they are attacking.  They still know Him, they fear him.  They tremble, the whole earth is trembling.  

The blessing with trying to erase Jesus, is that human nature simply craves Him more. Praise! It’s just how He designed us, and praise His name for that.  There are too many reasons, overwhelming reasons for all Christians to REJOICE right now.  

Christians, open your eyes, we are experiencing the most beautiful revival that History has ever seen.  Do you know we are just shy of 8 billion people on this earth?  Do you know that in the early 1920s, just 100 years ago, the population of earth was only 2 billion?  Do you know that 31% of people on the earth are Christian and that number is exploding right now?  That the number of Christians in 2021 is equal to Earth’s entire population, just 100 years ago.

We must remain focused on Jesus, remain dedicated to the TRUTH.  Jesus is the Way – the truth and the life.  He is in control.  We will never waiver, never fear, because HE holds the future, and that future is absolutely beautiful.  The whole earth is trembling.

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