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Protesting the Current California – Marxist Agenda. It all began in the SCHOOLS. Baby steps towards Communism and Genocide.

Good Morning Citizens of Beautiful Oceanside, California:

I will never tire of defending my children, and I will never stop fighting for the future of America.  I promise you I am raising my children fully aware, they are warriors, champions and ready to build this country’s backbone again.  I pray you are all doing the same with yours and this ZEAL is contagious.  I pray with your own strength that you are making solid steps in faith.  God’s hand is in all of this and the whole Earth is trembling.

I took the kids to Church Club last night and had a great time with some awesome parents.  One such parent, whose husband is a principal, informed me that our Superintendent Julie Vitale is paid SIGNIFICANTLY more than the Superintendent in San Diego!!!  How is that possible or justified?

I am talking to all of you, simply as citizens of our great city, not as Council members or School Board Members. The $316,000 salary is a generous compensation for any line of work.  It is what I would hope doctors (life saving) and lawyers (criminal prosecuting) are paid.  Also, isn’t this illegal?  If I remember correctly, isn’t this was what started the American Revolution?!  Isn’t this taxation without representation? 

The phrase taxation without representation describes a populace that is required to pay taxes to a government authority without having any say in that government’s policies. The term has its origin in a slogan of the American colonials against their British rulers: “Taxation without representation is tyranny.”
 – Taxation Without Representation Definition – Investopedia

We work hard each hour to provide for our families and ensure the future of our children.  How is it justified that such a significant portion of our tax dollars is applied to fund the destruction of the next generation. I am specifically talking about the CRT, BLM, marxist teaching in common core and graphic sexually explicit information that shocks most adults is now encouraged in the classroom.  

The following cited information describes how Hitler indoctrinated society with his Communist Agenda by using the school system. If this scares you and you see consistency with current school models, WAKE UP! Hold the Line! Speak out! Push back now, while you still can.

Another way in which the Nazis aimed to indoctrinate the younger population was through reforming the education system.

They aimed to de-intellectualise education: they did not want education to provoke people to ask questions or think for themselves. They believed this approach would instill obedience and belief in the Nazi worldview, creating the ideal future generation.

The Nazis first focused on changing what students learned. They changed the core curriculum to emphasise sports, history and racial science as the most important subjects. In 1936, sport was taught for a minimum of two to three hours every school day. By 1938, this had been increased to five hours every day. Subjects such as religion became less important, and were eventually removed from the curriculum altogether.

The Nazis also adapted where the students learned from. They introduced new textbooks which were often racist, and promoted ideas such the need for Lebensraum . Any textbooks used to educate students had to be approved by the party.

The Nazis also placed great emphasis on who the teachers were. Under the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service Act of 7 April 1933, just three months after Hitler became chancellor, all Jewish teachers, and teachers with undesirable political beliefs (such as communists), were dismissed.

This act also made membership of the Nazi Party compulsory for all teachers. The National Socialist Teachers League, creation in 1929, became responsible for the control and education of teachers following the Nazi rise to power. All teachers were required to attend a one-month compulsory Nazi training course, which emphasised Nazi ideology and the importance of advocating the regime’s ideas.

In universities, all Jewish professors were dismissed. This had a large impact, as these professors made up twelve percent of all German professors. This group also comprised 25% of Germany’s Nobel Prize winners.

In 1933, in addition to the dismissal of teachers, a quota was imposed on schools and universities, so that they could only accept a certain number of Jewish students. In 1938, these students were banned from attending public schools and universities entirely.

Now let’s transport back to current day. Mask Mandates? Really? It’s super offensive that the children are still required to wear masks at school.  The sad examples shown at the school board meetings is this “off/on policy” when speaking. It’s hypocritical when they are the advocates/police/enforcement of the mask requirements.  They don’t consistently wear them at meetings, off, on, off, on.  Microphone off, no microphone, on.  The inconsistency is what I find super offensive.


the quality or fact of not staying the same at different times: the quality or fact of having parts that disagree with each other: a difference or disagreement between two statements which means that both cannot be true 

If you feel so strongly about the mask mandate and are the mask wearing champions, then please be consistent.  If it is so critical to the survival of the human race, then set an example. However, the saddest part of all of this is the lie.  It’s not critical, it is inconsistent, thus, the only consistency is the lie and it’s subjected on the innocent. The Lord warns us about child abuse in Scripture:

Matthew 18:6 – But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

The most critical thing to remember is that we only need a majority.  We do not have to convince the whole board when it comes to change.  We just need a 3 vote.  Eleanor, Mike, I commend you.  I sense a strength about you.  Be bold, be courageous.  Make changes.  You can convince one more member to do something great.  I trust you will do so.  I am praying for you.

Also, I find it shocking that there is absolute silence when the requirements from service officials is an oath to communicate openly to ALL concerns that arise from constituents.  Silence:
“In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousandfold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers . . . we are ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations.” Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Katie Swank


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