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My Response to Charlie Kirk – Debate Night with Dr. Rashad Richey

Hi Charlie.  I am a white woman.  I have very dark skin, my skin could be considered darker than some black people.  I am at higher risk for contracting flu or any kind of virus simply because my skin color is darker than most other white people.  There is a biological reason for that.  IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE!

People with darker pigment in their skin have a harder time absorbing vitamin D. Vitamin D is like the “highway” for our white blood cells (immune system).  Our immune system uses the Vitamin D highway to travel through our bodies so it can attack the sick stuff and defend the body.  If there is a lack of Vitamin D, the white blood cells have difficulty traveling to do the work they need to do. Pigment – not race.

I take vitamin D supplements to help my body fight disease. Blacks, Mexican, Indians, Whites, Asians, ANYONE with dark pigment are at rick for low vitamin D levels.
The fact that the black doctor – doctor – chose to use his race instead of informing “his people” about WHY they are at greater risk of any kind of virus and offer a SOLUTION – VITAMIN D and ZINC – he took that opportunity to further infuriate them, choke hold them down into a racial sense of woe, is me is tragic, sad, and I am sorry to say, an intrinsic flaw.  Black people die of virus cause they are a race!  Huh?  no…no they don’t.  

Choice is a factor in this intense revival of global racism now.  You can choose to suffer in the past, or look to the future and current options you have to be better than the mistakes and learn from them. Let me elaborate:

If the Jews acted in this way, after generations of slavery and genocide – I would say, man, this must be a mental disorder, it must be passed down in their DNA.  This stance of “well, my great grandparents were slaves so I can still be mad.”  Why hate the people that signed the documents that ended slavery cause they owned slaves. It made me think that this man is in a state of non-forgiveness or growth.  It is really sad to be living your current state in the past.

It’s sad because he is very successful man. He made it in America. He is a great example of a successful human, what the American dream is all about. How can he be promoting that defeated, “woe is me attitude” when he is a doctor, a professor, making great money, owns a company, probably lives in a great neighborhood, isn’t that condescending? A spit in the face?

If you look at any kind of sociological or psychological study on growth, healing and forgiveness, you know that digging up the past is NOT conducive to success. Strength and redemption is only found in the healing and positive focus on the future. Current circumstances and a new stronghold on justified reality is what is powerful and can ensure change for a productive future. You need effective solutions not subjective condemnation.

The Jewish culture is one of the most financially successful cultures on this planet. They are dynamic, vibrant, expressive, creative, genius, talented…but wait, I could be describing any culture with all of those words.

Success a state of being.  And if you allow yourself to live in chains, when the chains are NOT there.  Then there is no one that can help you.  Those chains remain in your mental state, not your physical state.  Look at your wrists, look at your ankles, look at your neck, do you see chains?  

If you get pulled over for going too fast on the freeway, and you are black, and you said it’s because I am black that I got pulled over, and not because you broke the law, then you are in chains to sin.  You were Exceeding the speed limit (breaking the law) on the freeway.  You are in chains to sin and you need to ask God for forgiveness.  Doing the wrong thing, and then blaming the wrong thing on an inanimate state of mind, or dejected attitude is not productive.  You need to be making strong choices, throw away the chains and live in a realistic state of being.

I am a woman.  I have been abused my whole life.  If I lived life as an abused, socially choked, discriminated individual would I be successful?  If I wore my scars on the outside and screamed them out everywhere I went, would I be welcomed, loved and embraced by my piers?  NO.  

I, however, was incredibly successful.  I broke through the glass ceiling and was the most financially successful individual in a male dominated industry.  Despite being sexually discriminated against every day at my work, I thrived, I was incredibly affluent, dynamic and succeeded in becoming very rich.  I did this in spite of my “discrimination”.  
My success was surface only, earthly success is not the solution – I lived in pain in spite of being surrounded by money and all the earthly pleasures it can buy.  I thrived in conquering the obstacles in my way physically, but inside I had a lot of spiritual growing to do.  I needed to submit my internal pain to Jesus.  

The greatest success I have ever experienced was Salvation and Forgiveness through receiving Christ’s love for me.  That is true success.  If you are feeling like you are in chains (any chain) to your past, or current circumstances, turn your life to Jesus.  Open your Bible, read the entire book of John.  It is a love story, the best love story you could ever read.  It will change your life and the chains will be lifted, broken and never return again.

Let’s get a real reality check here:  Sin is EVERYWHERE, you can’t bury your head in the sand and get away from it.  If you focus on hating, despising and obsessing on ONE aspect of sin, you put it under a microscope and live your life running in circles around that one over-exposed aspect of your life, then you are in chains to that.  Mental chains.  We are never going to be on this earth without sin, corruption, war, pain – Satan has the ticket to earth, ever since sin was welcomed in by man in the garden.

We all need to snap out of our chains and the only way to do that is to give it all to Jesus. We all need to let go of the sin and anger and choke hold of the past and look to the future and see what is actually going on around us.  If we continue on this path of awakening the beast of the people who are long dead and decayed in the ground, and we continue this awkward revival of slavery, slavery itself will be a new reality and an actual threat to society today.

“I didn’t choose to be a minority, I was born this way”. You know what? I didn’t choose to be born into a poor family, a family of abuse, a family of complete disorder, divorce, lies, I didn’t choose any of that. Those are my chains, I was born into that. I broke all of them. I chose to overcome. I chose to work hard, live my life my way and overcome all the hurdles in my path. I chose. In spite of my status, sin covered birth rights, I broke the chains and overcame.

I am sorry to say, that with all of this disrupted anger going on, I have a hard time looking at black people lately.  I feel so awkward.  I don’t know how to act, what to say, where to look?!  I never had that feeling before.  I love black culture, dynamic presence, talents, dialects, art, music, fashion, literary contributions, food, athleticism, enthusiasm, beauty.  However, now with all the lashing out, the angry tshirts, hats, bumper stickers – I don’t know who is angry, mad, ready to attack me because of MY skin color? I never felt awkward before, why teach me to be that way now?

All cultures are beautiful and designed by the ONE TRUE GOD, the beauty of creation is all around us.  If we do not focus on the beauty of ALL God’s creation, and we only look at the bruises, we are condemned – and that condemnation is self-inflicted.

All praise and honor and glory be to God on high.  May His mercy and grace cover all of us and may the enemy once again be taught that Genesis 50:20 is a PROMISE.  May the rhetoric of today be that awesome pendulum swing that we have seen from generation to generation where the children of those who love suffering say NO.  We will rise up and be restored to power and love through Jesus and His undying love for us.  That the veil of sin will be lifted and the children see the folly of submission to sin. I pray the next generation will become better, more dynamic and embrace the gift of life that we have been blessed with.  We are America, the land of the free, the home of the brave.

I will not be held down, I will continue to speak truth – IN LOVE – so that the whole world will see that I am His and He is mine and He chose me, we are all chosen, it’s up to us to receive.  

God bless you Charlie, keep on fighting the good fight.  We will never waiver never fear. God is with us, and when God is with us, who can stand against us?

In Service to Jesus,
Katie Swank

1 thought on “My Response to Charlie Kirk – Debate Night with Dr. Rashad Richey”

  1. I know everyone would feel a lot better about that doctor sitting on the couch in his expensive designer outfit – getting his camera-ready makeup fixed – if he were there offering solutions. Ways for “his people” to achieve what he has achieved in life. Not pushing them further into the despair they are feeling. Stop with the degradation of class and help everyone “make it” like you did. Offer solutions. Not examples that continue the rhetoric of communism and infecting so many people with this guise of racism when it is actually a new social class disorder.

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