My Response to Eric Joyce from Oceanside, California School Board

Ms. Swank,
We do not have an affiliation with San Diego Unified School District. Please remove us (Oceanside) from these emails.
Eric Joyce

Please refer to me as MRS.  I am married to a United States Marine – a defender of YOUR FREEDOM whose exemplified bravery and honor and who far exceeds your weak and powerless position of child abuse and lack of respect for your elected position.  We have two children attending Coastal Academy in Oceanside.  My daughter is 7 and my son is 5.  Please respect my authority over you as your constituent.
Thank you Eric, for finally replying to my dialogue – informing all school boards that the attacks on our children will be abruptly stopped.  All communication to school boards under the umbrella of our San Diego County will be open and read by all.  What happens at the country level directly reflects on the agenda of the Oceanside City level.  You know that just as well as I do that fact is true. 
You will read my opposition because that is what you are HIRED to do.  You will continue to listen to the objections of the parents, because that was the oath you took when you were hired by parents like me – a constituent of the City of Oceanside.  You are obligated to do so.  Now I know you can type and send emails, you will hear my voice and continue to dialogue with me from this day going forward.
Don’t think I will ever back down Eric.  This email will be announced on my website, and will be read by the City of Oceanside.
I have no respect for those who VOTE to abuse my children.
Katie Swank

Oceanside- Strong

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