My Journey Through Philippians Pt.5

I love this advice from Paul, once again, speaking to my heart – forget what is behind and focus on the future. I think this is speaking about pain, regret, sadness, loss, doubt, distrust, sin in general, and not actual history like culture is trying to make popular today. What, cancel culture? Forget history? No! That would mean forgetting the Bible, forgetting the sacrifice of our Savior. Nope. We don’t forget history, the important stuff, we forget things that drag us down and away from our faith, away from our closer walk with Jesus.

There is a massive difference between not being weighed down by the regret you feel from not responding to someone’s pain, for example, and forgetting your walk in life. If you forget your mistakes, you will repeat them again and again and that is insanity. NO, we must remember where we come from. We must remember our life’s lessons so we can grow and be better people. We must do this with discretion so that we don’t get bogged down with regret and pain, rather, use the lessons to build from and create a better us. Whatever is holding us down, we give to Jesus, give him that burden, and He will restore you.

We must press on to our future goals and we will gain Heaven when our mission is complete. When our mission is complete, Jesus promises to take us home – good and faithful servant. Praise the Lord for that. We must always ASK God, Jesus, please make that clear for us. Please care for us in our daily walk with You. Please make the path evident and guide us on that path. We want that path to be directed towards you and not away from you. We must ask to not be distracted from the straight and narrow by looking at others. Again, discernment. If we look at others and crave what they have – we have no idea where their focus is – are their cravings on earthly things or Jesus? We can’t know, but Jesus does! That is why we must ask Him to give us a continuous craving for Heaven.

God grants Jesus the power to control everything. One day, because of His sacrifice, our bodies will be transformed into a spiritual being. We have no idea what that will be like, but He promises us that we will recognize one another when we are in Heaven, and that it will be better. 1 Corinthians 13:10-13.

One thing I know, on a personal level, is that when Jesus promises that something is better – IT IS. I know the difference. My life before Jesus was not great at all (although from the world’s perspective – it appeared to be), I felt lost, I had no moral compass, I indulged in sin and I was miserable. When you have no rules, no restrictions and the world provides every temptation, you become drunk on immediate pleasure. It allows you to fall into a pit of despair. You live for the moment and the moment is always needing more. It’s a sad and sorry state of insanity. But there is a solution. Jesus

When I turned my life to Jesus and realized that life with Salvation and structure is Supernatural, I became a living miracle. Whatever happened to me after I dedicated my life to Jesus was not of my own efforts. The change was the blessing from the Lord. He was able to give me healing from all my sin, not me. He was able to give me the peace that passes all understanding. He was able to take the wretch that I was and help me become better. Believe me, I am still that wretch, Salvation doesn’t make me perfect, it makes me forgiven. When you are washed in the blood of Jesus, the only atonement for sin, you are forgiven. I cannot explain forgiven to you, you have to experience it on your own.

Paul tells us that we must remain steadfast and unified, we must help one another. That is so comforting because I love fellowship. I love being around other Christians, and I crave the mentorship of mature Christians too. I love hearing their wisdom, knowing that the Spirit speaks to itself. And the Holy Spirit, the great gift of Jesus, of which He promised would be better, lives within me. Thank you Jesus. I rejoice knowing that every promise of Jesus is better. We must not mumble, we must remain focused on Him. We must reflect His life of gentle and loving attitude and action. Remain unified in the Spirit so we can better reflect our Lord and Savior.

The Lord is near – what? He is a risen LORD. He is alive and well and He is within, surrounding you and never will leave you or forsake you. Amen! With that comforting promise, we must remain void of anxiety in EVERY situation. Grace and mercy are continuous, remember the glass – is it full or empty? Perspective, when viewed through the wisdom of our Father, is always gracious and loving, free from sin, and He promised this. Remember when Jesus provides a promise – we must have faith that the promise will be fulfilled. It will be.

Jesus commanded us to pray, and to speak when we are in need. Please Jesus, please let more people come to you and find this new life that is better, it is so much better. Please provide this nation with the solution to their pain. Please allow them the healing that I have experienced. Please help more people cry out to you – to feel what you promised them. That you love each and every one of them. That you give them freedom from this sinful world. I pray your mercy and grace be upon them. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

I am so thankful for prayer, you can pray, and should be praying all the time. Your thoughts, focused on Jesus, creating that habit of turning your internal dialogue with yourself, to an internal dialogue with Jesus, what a concept?! If you have a thought, end it with In Jesus’ name, amen. Let’s see what happens. Pray about it. Not Today Satan. In Jesus’ name, Amen!!!!

Prayer gives me peace. I can tell Him Anything. It does because it doesn’t make sense. It is a miracle. I gain the peace that passes all understanding. He guards my heart and my mind (sinful) in Christ Jesus. Paul writes that we must focus on whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, praiseworthy – we must think about those things.

Do you know you can give your thoughts to Jesus? I just said we should end things In Jesus’ name, Amen. I think that’s a good idea. Plus, do you know that you are not subject to your internal dialogue. That stuff is straight outta sickness. It is your ENEMY – not your salvation. That dialogue will beat you down, tear you up and leave you broken. You must know that internal-tormenting-dialogue is sin. Those messages must be given to Jesus in order for them to be forgiven, be washed clean. AND you are not your thoughts. Remember that, as a Christian – because you belong to Jesus, you can pray about it and overcome.

Healing comes when we practice the tools that we are given. We must learn, receive and practice in order to be fully walking with our Lord. Contentment comes when we are with Jesus, in communion with Him. Like any good exercise – when we desire to be healthy, we practice these good habits. When we lean on Jesus in complete surrender we can do whatever we are gifted to do as long as we ask the Lord to get us through it.

In times where we need to be empathetic with someone who is struggling, we must ask the Lord to help us get through. If we expect the impossible – that expectation can only be met when we are in full trust, faith and focused on our Lord. If you expect a miracle, you need to anticipate! All of your needs can be met because you accomplished the necessities. I feel full and secure when I spend time with Jesus.

I think this wraps up my journey through Philippians. Thanks for taking the journey with me. Remember that this walk is my own, however. You need to read this book for yourself. You need to experience the Bible – the Alive and Living Words of our Lord – it is a Supernatural Book of Jesus – the Word. Please just read these writings like a personal diary – a glimpse into my life and fellowship with a sister Christian. Or if you are not saved, maybe as a peek into why Salvation is a good idea for you! Maybe you want something more out of life? The things you are trying are not working, you feel empty. The journey with Jesus is your only solution.

It is so comforting to greet Christians as brothers and sisters. It immediately acknowledges the inner Holy Spirit. It identifies a family which brings us comfort and brings a conclusion to Paul’s letters. I love how he greets and says goodbye in such a loving way. I love Verse 3 – I thank God every time I remember you. I thank God for all of you guys, too. I thank God that we get to share a loving Father in this way. It’s such a special time together. You read my thoughts and my life and I get to pray for you and read your comments too. It’s so humbling that you take time to do so. Thank you.

You know what else is so humbling, to consider Paul – when and where he wrote this letter to the Philippians. We need to remember that he was in chains. Real chains. Not imaginary ones. Cold, hard, and heavy chains. When you start complaining – remember to be thankful. Paul was. He was thankful for his chains. Are you? Am I?

Thank you Jesus. Thank you for our persecution. Thank you for reminding us that this world, this life is not eternal. You are. You are offering us eternal life with you. So thank you for the chains. I pray that our personal chains would always help advance the Gospel. I pray that you would use me like you used Paul. That I would not succumb to the chains, but that I would give them to you and that you would change my perspective. I would gladly bear each chain, each burdon, because I am never alone. I am NEVER alone. You are with me, your rod and your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me and my cup runs over. You are merciful and loving and your yoke is light. You are the Alpha and Omega. With one word you spoke – and life began. Light, darkness became. With one word, you will end all of this as well. Praise you Jesus. Praise you. Be glorified Lord. We worship you and praise you for all things. I love you so much Jesus, thank you for forgiveness that is offered because you CHOSE to die, to take it all, to experience the weight of sin, to die, to supernaturally become what you promised us. You overcame. And you give that to us. I submit to you in all things Lord, please use me and guide me. Help me be less, and please always be more. In Jesus name, Amen. Abba Father.

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