Pray for The Children – God is Good. Keep Your Children HOME! Don’t send them to School! Protest! First Amendment

Let’s pray for all of the innocent, precious miracles, our amazing children. God blessed us with these miracles, and when He did, He commanded and entrusted – to love, raise and PROTECT.

Please Lord, we beg you this morning. You are Alpha and Omega, you have created all we see. We love the miracles you have given us. Please protect them, love them and guard them against the attacks of the enemy. We know that you are a Jealous God, you are a Righteous God and you are a Good God. You love the innocence of our children, you love the genuine and precious love they offer. We love that too. We are asking you to cover them with your protection. Please use what the enemy is trying for harm, and turn it for good. Please protect their minds, their breathing, their emotional and mental conditions. Please make them warriors for you, Lord.

They are our future generations, our future disciples, they are yours Lord, everything is. We ask specifically that you would protect them from the poison that the enemy is trying to inject. Please destroy the liquid, please turn water to wine again Lord. YOUR WILL – not mine Lord, in all things, your wisdom is far greater, your way is much better. I have no idea, you possess all wisdom. I simply pray for your cover of protection over all the children. We love you so much Jesus. Please rise up strong Christian leaders who are BOLD, willing to speak Your NAME. Who will go to battle with stones, and bring down GIANTS – so that YOU can be glorified – not man. Rise up a new generation of people who are NOT ASHAMED! Who will pray, love, and share the GOOD NEWS – the Gospel of Jesus Christ Your Son. Thank you for forgiveness, Father, thank you for sending your Son Jesus to die in our place. For while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. In Jesus name, amen.

Little one,

Small and sweet

Tiny hands

Tiny feet

I watch you grow

I watch you learn

Every day

Help me disscern

Help me instill

A desire to fill

Your whole life with

Jesus – who will

Guide these kids

Through life today

This is what

My heart does pray

That when you get

To be full grown

You warrior kids

Fully known

This life here

Is Holy war

Prepare them Lord

For great is your

Heavenly Reward

The enemy waits

Yet, eagles soar

America, not done

They come, attack

But full of weakness

Because they lack

We’ve just begun

We’re battle ready

Young passionate souls

Strong and steady

Focused on Jesus

With supernatural tools

While we pray

They call us fools

Mighty prayers

Sent to the King

A Righteous One

Not what they bring

Do you not remember

Mount Caramel

When the false prophets

Were sent to hell?

You’re full of lies!

I’m full of faith

Don’t forget

Jezebel the wraith

She was destroyed

Eaten by dogs

Justice deployed?

Weak sacks of flesh

Come try my Lord?

You scoff at me?

His tongues’ a sword

With HIS Words

This came to be

This is all

Can’t you see?

And with One Word

On mighty steed

With a name not spoken

What is, agreed

The earth all worships

This king I serve

All of earth

You will observe

The rocks cry out

To the Lord on HIGH

They submit

To His battle cry


and it was.

So, when you come

Attempts, because,

You choose to live

In evil submission

To the sinful life

You choose retribution.

Try to attack?

The children of God

The innocent lives?

Now feel the rod

The punishment of

A God you scorned

Who’s name you shame

Now you’ve been warned

The BIBLE, alive

and well you see

His words a promise

What will come to be

Read Matthew 18:6

He said

Don’t mess with them

or you’ll be dead…

 “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”

Kid's Rhyming Books & Funny Videos - Read Aloud

Kid’s Rhyming Books & Funny Videos – Read Aloud

This protest is not about money, it is a show of power. You are a parent too? Welcome, and join up with the American-Way. We are standing for our First Amendment – our right to protest Tyrannical mandates that are leading us down the terrifying path towards communism, socialism and absolute government control.

Believe me, I am from a Socialist Country. Your eyes may not be open to the truth. If you have not lived it – you cannot know.

No one wants chains. If you do NOTHING – you can achieve NOTHING. How is this not a well thought out tactic? How are teachers protecting our children – as the person who gave birth – this is my job, not yours. Please explain how is compliance a well- thought-out-tactic.

When you stand together, you show strength, one day of protest is extremely powerful. It sends a message. We are in power in this country, not the government. It also shows neighbors that they are not alone, it shows strangers that you think the same way they do, it abolishes silence. It destroys lies. Action speaks louder than words. We the people, for the people, by the people. Stand up warriors. Do not comply. Do not back down. Protect the children. Give them a voice where there is no voice. Matthew 16:8

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