Supply Chain Fear? I Think NOT.

We the People, For the People, By the People.

Dang, all I hear about is supply chain this, supply chain that – they don’t get it. They want us to be afraid, to feel fear – but We Are America. We are new, fresh, young and war-ready. We are not dying a slow and pitiful death. We are warriors. WE are the leader of the free world. WE not Him – IN GOD WE TRUST, not government, not tyranny. WE. We are. We went out and fought the battles, we went out and stood on foreign ground and stood for justice, freedom and the American Way – THE WAY. WE did. We are the people, America is not some jacked-up old fo-gie puppet hanging around at the beck and call of evil. WE are The People.

What do you NEED to survive? Jesus, water and food right? So – here’s a concept – we just provide that to ourselves? Are you scared of the big-bad grocery store? Well, branch out, do some research. Find a local farmer, a friend with a green-thumb, a person with a strong producing well and start supporting them. Let’s go back to the basics, folks. Buy from them, not the boogie-man. If we stand up as AMERICANS, and treat each other as neighbors, be the resourceful and strong, hard-working champions that we are we can fight “the Man”. They think big tech can ruin the American-Way? The WAY?

Na, we got this, because we the people, and I am the people. I AM – that’s God. He is my God, and I obey Him. He commands us to be diligent, resourceful, to love one another, just as God loves us. So I will. I am. And I do.

I shop at local markets now. I get my groceries there. I see the people who grow my food. I get to say thank you. I am blessed to give them money – the stuff I earn – into their hard working hands too. It is GREAT. I know people who have wells, access to fresh water, and I get it from them. I don’t drink city water. Praise.

I will continue to do better, to be better and to reach more people with the Gospel of Jesus. The good news lives, it is alive and well. Jesus lives and I know this because He lives in my heart! AMEN!

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