Amish Paradise. Let me tell you about my Jesus

Keep telling me I’m wrong, scared, stupid. I’ll tell you about my Jesus.

Herd immunity proven!

I’m so inspired by the Amish. It’s amazing that they can be a shining example of what life can be like – free of fear?! Trust in your immune system?!

dang. Amish have real life freedom in Jesus. They practice what they preach!

It really makes me feel ashamed that we aren’t more faith filled like they are. Shame on us!

And we think to be better Christians than they. Oh we of little faith! Modern Christian life is so comfortable and intertwined in doubt and sin that we got sick on the comforts, not coronavirus! We are sick from this world and cannot seem to find the way to trust Jesus in all things. Shame on us!

No wonder we are going to the pooper. What more do we deserve.

Will we learn from this? Or are we so addicted to sin and consumed by propaganda that we perpetuate this insanity?! Calm down world. Rebuke yourself. Grow your faith, let go of your fear addiction and start living more like Jesus!


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