Fundraiser for my Friend and my Sister

We are praying for quick healing Kelsi, we love you so much sister.  You are not alone, you are in the hands of the Creator. Dear Lord, please heal our sister, please allow a miracle to sweep over her and allow her to recover quickly.  Please comfort her family and provide them with strength to overcome this trial.  We love you so much Jesus.  We trust you and we depend on you wholly.  You are such a good Father, your faithfulness NEVER runs out, you are the ALPHA AND OMEGA.  You are our anchor, our hope, our firm foundation.  You will NEVER let us down.  Thank you for all your promises and for your everlasting love.  Thank you so much for prayer, that we can come to you with all things.  This is a very big thing.  Please heal and glorify yourself in all of this.  In Jesus’ name amen.

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