Katie Swank, Oceanside Strong Patriot – Addressing City Council. Reminders, Faith, Function, Prayer, Action. We are American, IN GOD WE TRUST!

Good Morning Staff,

It’s been a minute since I spoke with you.  I pray you are all well and had a great Thanksgiving, we are so thankful our Country the Lord so graciously provided.  We must remember as we enter the Christmas holidays, to remain focused on the reason for the season.  2021 years ago, our Savior was born.  We get to celebrate the best birthday ever.  We love you Jesus!

The business at hand this morning: we request information for the construction of BMX bike parks in Oceanside. VELO Solutions is the best company to choose for our awesome city.  They are a great choice!  They are the only choice, really.  We have ridden all of the local parks, and this company has the best talent. We would like to see the locations and the proposed layouts.

We are avid bike riders, and so is the rest of active California.  If you take a look around, you can see with excited eyes that every single bike park, pump track, BMX race track, are packed to the gills from sun-up to sun-down.  Comparatively, most other sport parks are empty, basketball courts, soccer fields, baseball fields, football fields, volleyball courts, most remain empty for the majority of the day.

Another interesting observation is the culture of BMX bike parks, it is much different from skate parks, which seem to attract a more drug and alcohol involved crowd, bike parks are completely different, try riding a bike under the influence – you will fail, fall and fudge yourself up.  It’s impossible to do.  

As Citizens of Oceanside, we work hard – and have been working hard to change our culture, we have become a beautiful, innovative, and family oriented city – one of the best in Southern California.  We have developed a solid reputation for surfing and swimming, but what do we do on land?  We RIDE!  We have awesome bike trails, but nothing available for those who love to jump, flip & pump – no place to build skills.

Our family travels to Carmel Valley, Temecula, Kearny Mesa, Chula Vista, and we spend our money in those cities, allowing our family to thrive in our favorite sport.  We need to keep our money here in our own city.  Bike shops will thrive, bike mechanics will be busy, it’s a thriving and successful lifestyle.  Thanks to King Biden, our gas prices are astronomic and driving is an economic burden for us all.  We need bike parks in our city.


What other sport encourages one another like this – “try my bike?  Sure!”  We do! At any given minute, you will see friends sharing bikes, trying out new models, and encouraging one another to buy their favorite size, style, model and upgrade parts.  
How many bikes are purchased for this sport?  We have 25 bikes and counting – each ranging from $250-$10k.  Talk about an investment in your city?  In your economy?  It’s lucrative! 

With so many people suffering from depression, solitude and insanity, let’s snap them out of their fog and get them exercising, thriving and inspiring their friends again.This lifestyle, this culture, this sport is so supportive, so sharing so encouraging, strong, and American – most are Christians and when we gather, great things are achieved!

Americans, let us remember with humble hearts the cord of power and strength runs from the people to the government.  Let’s remember that America is still thriving. Propaganda sucks and we are not stupid, blind, or woke.  We are eyes-wide-open with the LIGHT OF TRUTH.  We know our power because it runs directly from our Creator, the Lord on High.  He REIGNS!  WE are a CONSTITUTION.  We are a Nation, UNDER GOD, with Liberty and Justice for all.  Stay strong Oceanside.  I am championing your faith, reminding you to pray, reminding you to SPEAK HIS NAME.  Be Bold as LIONS.  Please pray together, please encourage one another and we will continue to be a beacon of hope for all we encounter.  God is with us, He will never leave us or forsake us.

In God We Trust, Katie Swank

Romans 10:9

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