Take Back Christmas!

Let’s decide to change, starting today.  We are required, for the rest of days, to take back Christmas.  Claim it for our own.  We need to Erase Santa and Embrace Jesus.  We need to live the rest of our days with only one goal in mind.  HEAVEN. Eternity. So when we see His face that we have no regret in how we did life.  That we did it with honor and all things IN HIS NAME.

Guess what kids.  There’s no such thing as Santa, we have something better.  We have JESUS.

He came one night. It’s magic. Let me tell you this story.

On the night before Christmas

We sat in our house

No-one was stirring, not even a mouse

We all sat in wonder

As our father read

The most wonderful story

And here’s what he said.

Listen, little ones, to the words that I say

Here is the story of Christmas as told the Lord’s way.

Mary and Joseph, they travelled so far

And Shepards in awe of the sky’s brightest star

They gathered together just like we are tonight

And celebrated the birthday of the Light of all Lights.

And what to their wondering eyes should appear

A Saviour was born so humble and dear

They all sat in awe of His glorious face

They bowed down in honor of his POWER and grace.

More rapid than eagles

That baby, He grew

He told of His Father

And the miracles He would do

His life was an example of how we should be

So we all can live for eternity.

Jesus was born so many years ago

We celebrate every year so we know

And we remember, With our hearts full of faith, love and joy

For those who trust in Him, each girl and each boy

Will celebrate forever the birth of a KING

And have comfort in the hope that His birth brings.

So remember my children

As you rest your little heads

Of the story of Jesus as you sleep in your beds

When you wake the next day

We get to sing, eat and play!

Come celebrate the birth of God’s precious boy

And as you receive each book and each toy

Remember that the best gift of all is the one from above

The one that reminds us that the best gift is love

So share this with everyone you meet and you know

And the gift of God’s love will continue to grow.

Luke 2:1-20

The story of Jesus’ Birth – taken from the best book of all – the Bible.


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