Christmas Traditions?

The dust has settled

Packages unwrapped

The stuff is everywhere

And you’re fully tapped

The paper cuts many

You’re tired n’ worn

The kids are so happy

And you’re feeling forlorn

Traditions, you crave

Every year at this time

Didn’t fill up your bucket

Because of the crime

Something came ’round

And robbed you this year

They took your traditions

And replaced them with fear.

The family you see

Every year at this time

Partook in the terrible

And audious crime

The ones who annually

Gather and sing

Didn’t want to gather

To come over or bring

“We’ll facetime, or text!”

ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!

No doorbells, no knocks

No packages, or strings

No aunt who bakes cookies,

Who wears too many rings

No cousin, the chef

Who cooks all the feast

But Grams and Gramps came over

Not scared in the least!

No Mom and Dad,

They stopped quick at the curb

And threw out the packages

So as not to disturb.

No sister or brother,

Married against all suggestions,

They’re all locked down

N’ caught slight congestions!

While, they all stay home

And here you do sit

You walk to your room

And throw a true fit

“It’s not fair you say

This is not happy now

This is my time of year

See my dress and my crown.”

This is not how I planned it

This is not how it goes

Christmas is family

Everyone knows.

Traditions bring happy

That’s what I deserve

And now this “new normal”

Is on my last nerve

You lift up your fists

And slam them down fast

With tears blistering down

Your face, so downcast.

The tiny outburst

From a downtrodden girl

Made the books on the shelf

Shift, fall and unfurl.

The Bible was heavy

And opened up slow

A passage was given

Not by accident, you know…

The eyes of the girl

Stung quick, and she knew

That He was there watching

While she fit and she stew

She said, “I am sorry

You’re right, like always.

I forgot the meaning of Christmas

The best of all days.

I thought it was family

Traditions n’ such

I forgot it’s Your birthday

And that hurt you so much!

You saw I was crying

About all the folks

But you helped me remember

That it’s just a hoax.

A trap that the enemy

Brings to destroy

The best gift of all

You, a Baby Boy.

Thank you, Jesus

For reminding me this

That Christmas is different

It’s YOUR joy and YOUR bliss!

And it’s not about family

Traditions or gifts

It’s about you, Lord,

Not December 25ths.

It’s gold and it’s myrrah

It’s a bright, wonderous star

It’s wise men who travelled

They travelled SO far.

It’s Mary and Joseph

Who trusted, obeyed

It was that dirty old manger

In which you were laid.

It was that silent night

When angels erupted

And disturbed all the sheep

The shepherds, instructed.

They witnessed you, Jesus,

On that very night

In awe, they took in

The light of all lights.

And they didn’t back down

In spite of their fright

They spoke of Your wonder

Your glory and might.

The majesty of You

Changed time on that day

And all that was normal

Was taken away.

You brought us a gift

That’s eternal and great

And here I stand crying

Cause of my empty plate.

Humble me, Jesus,

Thank you for This Book

Thank you for turning

The pagest to look.

Thank you for showing me

Knowing I’m weak

For coming to see me

When my outlook was bleak

For changing me now

Forever today

I know of the truth

And I promise this way

Of Christmas will be

It’s authentic rendition

Perhaps all of this is

To snap out of “traditions”

To remember and focus

And take back this day

From all of the pagan

Idols of today.

EVIL, it tries

To take Jesus away

And all it is doing

Is clearing The Way!

WE ARE better Christians

Persecution does that

It works in the opposite

Of that, joyful fact

It’s exposing The Truth

And now I’m laughing

Bahaha, who’s the clown

Cause now I am smashing

All the old stuff I wanted

I see through the muck

And the swamp is still draining

I had no idea, what luck

Not luck, I am silly

It’s blessings and joy

Cause God is still SPEAKING

To each girl and each boy!

He is still totally working

All things out for good

And GENESIS 50:20

Works out like it should!

Praise you, Jesus,

For speaking so loud

For making it clear

That You’re great and You’re proud

And You’re changing us all

For better and better.

And Heavenly Father,

Thank you, that together

We can make this Nation

Stand out and still blast

And praise you, Dear Father,


We win, when we keep You

The Pinnacle, the Helm

So, captain the ship

My PRAISE overwhelm

Merry Christmas Jesus!

Thank You for today

For helping me SEE

And start a new day

With hope overwhelming

For answers in question

I love you, Dear Jesus

thank you for oppression.

:the state of being kept down by unjust use of force or authority

Example: “After years of oppression they finally revolted”

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