I was attacked at Target – Isn’t it Ironic, don’t you think…

I was attacked by you last night

old man Nikes, laced up so tight

Levis buckled, to your true waist

Half-zippered fall coat, your wife’s good taste

Natural curl, to your greying hair

6 feet tall, or more, I’d dare

Packages purchased, in both your hands

Ready to go, each step commands

You saw us, so happy laughing

Found your target, and you started attacking

“Murders, you want us to die!”

Consumed by fear, your words, they cry

We didn’t hear, or expect the dart

So you said it again, with all your heart

“Murders, out to kill us all”

We were shocked, by satan’s call

So far away, so distant we

Yet, you approached, right beside me

Dustin retorted: your mask, does it work?

If you’re SO scared, keep your distance, don’t lurk

But you kept on attacking, with fear inside

All with packages, the store did provide

Innocent attempt, to run an errand

Buying stuff for our kids, but you were there and

Crept out fast, stole laughter from us

So quickly attacked, you screamed and cussed

Dude, if you’re scared, and love insanity

Stay at home, and scream at your tv

That’s the thing, that’s hurting you

Not a happy couple, buying a sock or two

Stay home, It’s fact: Target delivers

Don’t go out, if you’re scared of “killers”

You can’t escape from a virus, see

It’s mic-ro-sco-pic, infects topically

It’s not your mouth, or nose only

It’s everywhere, no – HONESTLY

Don’t go attacking, my freedom, my rights

Cause that’s not YOUR freedom, your act morally ignites

The golden cord of OUR Constitution

And my freedom reigns within retribution

It’s not your freedom, to go around

Attacking and screaming, inside a crowd


No, poor joe, that’s wrong, you see

Cause you just attacked my civil rights

To a life of liberty and happiness, sites

Within the Declaration of Independence

I command an age-old resistance

Within the backbone, the moral code

It’s wrong, insane, to blast your load

of fear, and anger, and your own laws

away from tv, you’re having withdrawals

You’re seeing truth, and you’re feeling scared

So you run back home, to your molded chair

You turn on a lifetime, of propaganda

You’re poor wife – even she can’t stand ya

Cause you tapped in to insanity

She can’t take you to Target

Without knowingly

Walking 10 feet away from you, in solitude

While you attack the couple, so angry and rude

She’s ashamed, and scared of you, dude

Tiny woman, forlorn, eyes downcast

Each tiny step, walking by so fast

I’ll never forget, each single detail

Her wispy hair, and tiny ponytail

Arms crossed tight, across her chest

Mask on tight, she passed his test

You innocent souls, trying so hard, wow

You were so lost, where did you park now?

Masks on tight, couldn’t find your car

Searching around, it can’t be far

All pumped up on adrenaline

Oxygen deprived, your thoughts, so dim

Co2 consumes every single clear thought

While you were at Target, you shoulda bought

The solution to fear, cause it’s consuming you

It’s there, in the back, aisle 22

They don’t want you to find it, so it’s buried deep

It’s way in the back, cause they like to keep

You fear-filled and tapped in to their drug of choice

Adrenaline and dopamine, shots given in voice

The casters of news, give you constant doses

So you’re so drugged up, fed, in symbiosis

Connected physically to your television

You’re signed up with their global division

You don’t even know about, the Book of Life

You’re so distracted, and attacking your wife

Angry at the world, for all your choices

Child of satan, you worship his spoken voices

I’m a murderer? I’m killing folks?

Dang, that’s heavy – listen to what that evokes

My nose and smile? It’s murdering you?

Really dude? You almost stepped on my shoe

You got so close, that if I sneezed

I would have spread, that “killer disease”

Right in your eyes, so, you don’t care much

Or you would have left me alone, dude, you’re such

A hipricate, you’re your own fool

You live in America, but you desire a cruel

And tyrannical government, of sinful control

You have no idea, but I do, my soul

Cries out, in contrast, but you have no clue,

However, I lived a life, in Socialistic vomit, spew

I know the difference, I lived under government’s whim

You’re Hitler-killing freedoms, with your brain so dim

You, the lot, the sheep that bleat

Who depend on your God-given, own heart-beat

You’re life of pride, you’re so consumed

But what you desire, you’re so cocooned

You’re in their matrix, in a sac of gel

They feed you your reality, your life of hell

You have no choice, you are NOT FREE

but I am, dude, so LEAVE ME BE

Around and around, exist in your own spin

In tv land – you’re a hero – you win

You’re pretend-new-laws, new way of life

You love it all! you and your poor wife

well, I got attacked, last night you see

By that sad man, uttering insanity

The Bible predicts, all of this will happen

But when it does, are you ready or slackin’

Are you armed with the Gospel, of Jesus Christ

Are you ready, armed up, to love back twice

Are you going, to be the change

That sets a new course, or act the same, deranged

Stoop down and talk, garble, at their level

Or stand outside, in a Christian bubble

Smile and say, I love you, dude

While he attacks, with words so rude

When someone speaks, directed at you

It’s an open door, to insert Jesus there too

He’s in the store, remember aisle 22?

He is there, the Great Physician

They try so hard, to mask the solution

It’s Jesus, you see, He wipes away all fear

and gives you sight, makes life very clear

The Bible’s alive, and He’s calling out

Above your voice, while you scream and shout

You see, I’m not a murderer.

I’m just a girl, a she, a her.

Today I’m new, I’m changed inside

but, I once was, killing me alive

I once was lost, just like you, man

But now I’m found, I understand

That Jesus loves me, and I am saved

The rocky road? Well, mine’s now paved

I’m going to heaven, I’ve been redeemed

By love, abundant, true joy esteemed

I wish I spoke, about my Lord

I wish I told him about Heaven’s reward

But I was caught off guard by him

And I didn’t speak, I walked so dim

The Light of Life, didn’t shine last night

I didn’t take time, to speak out right

My mouth said this, to that scared man

My husband’s a marine! Freedom understand?

It’s given by men, brave warriors who fight

Who sacrifice comfort, to give you the right

To speak out loud, and attack us now

You’re free in this country, to moo like a cow

But you know what, folks, that’s not free at all

Cause freedom means safety, not cowards who call

And attack at will, with their mouths drawn tight

Like a musket of old, spewing bullets of fright

It’s not our freedom, to communicate like war

Calling people murderers, while shopping at the store

That’s not freedom at all, that’s imprisonment

And you’re not free, you’re trapped and spent

It’s not freedom, to rob others of rights

It’s not freedom, to cause verbal fights

It’s not freedom, to attack anyone

It’s not freedom, to come undone

It’s not freedom, when you’re spreading lies

I’m spreading something? Causing your demise?

What is actually spreading is a virus of despise

It’s not freedom, I see fear in your eyes

You’re so trapped, I pray you see

That true love forgives both you and me

The Lord loves us, in spite of last night

And that’s why I know, I follow what’s right.

Dear Lord forgive me, for reaction, for loss.

for not holding up, the burdon, his cross

for not being humble, and stating in love

that You are my everything, with eyes fixed above

Please give me the strength and the fortitude

to let you answer, when the door is rude

to give you the wheel, and drive for me

Please Jesus, take more, take more of me

and let me be less, be less, I plea

Make me more like you, everyday

Help me bring others to Heaven, that’s what I pray.


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