Trusty Old Truck

Trusty sat out on their lawn

Watched the sunsets, praised the dawn.

Perfect view of His loved ones

Father, Mother, Daughters, Sons.

He loved the games those kids would play.

When everyone would find a way

To spend the whole day, all outside.

Tag, swing set, go run and hide.

They’d hop inside his single cab

Push his buttons, jump and grab

Lock the doors and turn his wheel

Oh, what fun, what a happy feel.

He was a part of all their games.

He knew each child, all their names

Madison, Jovie, Felix, Saul

Cash, Waylon, Ella, Paul.

Each little kid with laughing eyes

All loved Trusty, to no surprise.

The best times ever, he did provide

They’d pile in back, Oh! what a ride!

Each year when Harvest Fest came around

They’d ride with laughter right into town.

They’d all dress up for the hootenanny 

Trusty too, he’d be washed and ready.

Every Sunday, they’d all jump in

N‘ hop out quick before the service’d begin.

He’d wait outside the church on the hill

and think about Jesus, his engine still.

He was the truck where the kids all learned

to drive themselves, when they all turned

A certain age, each before 16

every kid unique, and oh-so keen.

Miles and miles of road they shared.

Arriving there safely, Trusty cared.

Memories made inside his cab

Filled his mind, as the sky turned drab.

The family he loved so very much

Got really busy with life n’ such.

8 little kids, all focused on growing

Eventually forgot his spot needed mowing.

The grass grew tall around him now

His only friend, the old barn cow.

She’d glance at him, every now and then

N’ saunter off, not much of a friend.

Trusty sat and would lovingly listen

His grown up kids had brand new missions.

They moved away, some near, some far.

Got married, bought homes, new trucks, n’ cars.

Trusty would think about his family.

They were so special, each memory.

He would spend his day, loving each one

Brother, sister, daughter, son.

Trusty loved each child the same

But one little boy, Cash, by name

Had spent more time, taking care of him

Changed his lights, when they grew dim.

When Cash was young, like Trusty truck

He’d clean him up, knock off the muck.

He’d change his oil, rotate his tires,

Fill up the fluids, inspect his wires.

Unload him after a long ol’ haul 

He’d be there till the sun would fall.

Trusty loved his time with Cash

Memories helped the time to pass.

So on the day, when all grown up

Cash came ‘round, sipping his coffee cup

He pushed the grass from off his hood

Put down his cup and said, “I should,

Ask my paw, if it’s okay

To fix you up, ol’ Pal today.

I’d like to drive you, once again

I sure do miss you, Trusty friend”

“Look at you Fella, you sure look good.

Let’s take a look, inside your hood.

Man, you’ve held up through the weather

But let’s tidy you up, we’ll do it together.”

Cash looked down with loving pride, 

There was his son, glued to his side.

Trusty knew, to no surprise

That boy had his dad’s friendly eyes.

That little boy knew what each tool did.

They’d fix him up, Cash and his kid.

Trusty felt overwhelming joy

His special friend and his identical boy.

New life sprung up inside Trusty truck

What amazing times, and happy luck!

Days and days, inside the shop

Were spent together, Trusty, Son and Pop.

Talking, teaching, bonding, fixing

Listening, creating, ideas mixing.

Every day at the crack of dawn

They’d show up ready, with satisfied yawns.

Piping hot coffee, ideas for the day

Father and Son, skills to convey.

Then one morning, wait and wait

Trusty felt worried, cause they were late.

Afternoon came with great commotion

Outside the shop, such emotion!

Excited voices, he’d never heard before

The sun blasted bright, as they opened the door!

To his amazement, and such surprise

What he observed, with brand new eyes

They were all there, for this special day

To see him restored, in every way!

Cash gathered up, the whole wacky crew

And they said in awe, “He looks brand-new!

42 people all gathered ’round

With loving hearts and happy sounds.

What a party, then ensued!

They grabbed guitars, Cash and his dude

Played a fiddle, danced in the barn.

Singing songs again, at their farm

Through open doors, kids ran outside

Tag, swing set, go run and hide.

He was part of all the fun they had

Tiny new kids, like mom and dad

They hopped inside his single cab

Pushed his buttons, jumped and grabbed

Locked his doors and turned his wheel

Oh what fun, what a happy feel!

the end.

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