Proposal for a Pump Track in Oceanside, California. Parks and Recreation. Tax Dollars. See my email to the city here:

First and foremost, all praise and glory to God our Father, thank you Jesus for our awesome city, for the people who bravely stand for faith, freedom and Country.  Please rise up Christian leaders who are not ashamed of the Gospel.  Please keep our country free, please help us protect our liberty, our freedom of speech and our Constitution.  In Jesus name, Amen.

Good Morning guys, members of Council and supporters of the BMX community, and Mark. Mark, I haven’t heard from you in a while.  I was able to get in touch with Velosolutions for you. The world class pump track designers.  Here are their contact emails:

Please get in touch with them and start organizing the cost, and design, and most importantly, please keep me informed and we will go down in history as being the once who brought this epic destination to our great city. 

The pump track in Temecula is the busiest track in the entire nation.  Let me repeat that – The pump track in Temecula is the busiest track in the ENTIRE NATION:

Doesn’t Oceanside want to be the best. Or are we not American anymore?  Do we not compete on a Nationwide scale?  If there is no competitive spirit left in our city, we are NOT American. That is what America is BEST AT – BEING THE BEST!

Are we not willing to offer our children what they deserve?  Why let Temecula hold that title.  We have a greater population 175,622 as opposed to their 110k – and we take great pride in being FULLY Patriotic and American.

Oceanside wants to provide the best for their children and their families and we expect our elected officials to give the best to us by using our tax dollars wisely.  OUR tax dollars.  Not federally funded tax dollars.  Oceanside – where someone, somewhere is earning 400k to ABUSE our children?  Julie Vitale

shame on you.

Well, we obviously have no control over the school board, or desire to save our children as they lock them behind closed doors and spew sin into their innocent sponge-like minds. The federal government has targeted our babies and they have unleashed their power of money. And we all know the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.

Allocation of tax dollars to upgrading pools: January12, 2022 –

dang…look at that property tax rate for Oceanside, and you know they keep increasing it every year. Plus they tax you on the current value of your property, not what you purchased it for…They are taxing us out of our homes. We might as well enjoy Oceanside while we can still afford to live here right?

Christopher Rodrigues. Why is Oceanside forcing their citizens to getting taxed out of our homes? Answer that question specifically please. You want congress? I want my home. What will council do to ensure there are people that are willing to vote for them?

Parks will prioritize two-thirds of the funding — $1.2 million — to help teens and youth who live in areas that were likely the hardest hit by the pandemic, using the state’s Healthy Places Index as a guide. The index rates census tracts within counties and gives them numerical scores to determine how healthy or unhealthy they are based on six metrics: economics, education, housing, health care access, neighborhood and clean environment.

SO – Let’s provide them with an outlet, a place where they can find TRUTH, learn about real life – be around REAL MEN. How will America continue to be America if we are not raising our children to BE AMERICAN?  Poof – American dream…gone, just like that and it was our generation that killed it.  Is that our reality?  NO!  Cause PATRIOTS like ME are raising CHAMPIONS.  

Not just boys to men, look at the girls, look at them thrive!  They are rock stars!  They are building relationships with their dads too, meeting best friends, getting great exercise!  Praise!

Many of the children that come to this track are military kids, their dad’s are deployed overseas and they are spending the whole day here, great kids, not getting into trouble, spending quality time getting fantastic exercise and developing life-long skills that will help them cope with stress as they get older. Some come from broken homes, and are desperately craving some positive influence.  They cling to men like Dustin.  They are searching for attention, for guidance.  Who knew that this was what the pump track really was?  We had no idea.  

The best part about this, as you can see from the videos, it’s a bunch of overgrown boys, dads, who are partaking in what their children are doing.  It’s a family activity.  The men that come here are incredible athletes, beginners, and range in all walks of life.  Their positive influence on all of the kids is such a great ministry.  They help one another, fix bikes together, share bikes, talk about upgrades, parts.  They chat about new tricks, new lines they took.  Talk about life, unwind after a stressful work week.

Eddie Fiola from the movie Rad rides that track pretty much every morning.  He is a great friend of ours and what a legend. This is Dustin riding with Eddie Fiola – he let him ride his legendary yellow bike.

The Deegans show up there and ride.  

Many top athletes in the Motocross, BMX, and racing communities will utilize pump tracks to maintain fitness and reaction time.  It is a WORKOUT.  We were at the track on Saturday and both of my children, Madison (7) and Cash (6) did 10 laps in a row.  That is remarkable!  You try and accomplish one lap Mark, I dare you, double dog.  How about you Christopher, how would that work for your campaign to congress?  You’d catch some attention there.

This place is fantastic, it’s packed all day long.  It’s a joy for our children, for our community and for our city.  Let’s make Oceanside a destination.

In the last 2 weeks we have met people from all over the nation – 11 year old legend, Lyon from Utah, two guys from upstate New York, we drive there every weekend from Oceanside, our best friends drive from Orange County.  Waylon and Landon get their parents do drive them from Rainbow and Fallbrook.  This is a destination, with no down time. 

We are bringing Oceanside money to Temecula every weekend.  Don’t you want our money?
Here is information on the benefits of pump tracks from this globally growing sport:

Pumptracks are a great way to repurpose underutilized or vacant space, and have the added benefit of improving the safety of your community. 

Capped trash dumps and vacant government-owned lots that can’t be used for any other purpose are popular sites for bike parks and pumptracks. Pumptracks are also put in place as a temporary solution while other plans are being developed and approved. The relatively-low cost of a pumptrack results in a win-win for the pumptrack owners and it’s patrons.

Besides being a land-use solution, another advantage of pumptracks is their effect on community safety. Public officials value the space created by pumptracks for kids to practice riding their wheeled sports equipment, keeping them off busy roads. (For further information on how pumptracks can make people safer read here.)Pumptracks have also been credited for crime prevention, after a pumptrack that was installed in South Wales, UK, and studied by the local police was found to reduce antisocial behavior by 70%. The case was later included in a list of promising practices for community policing in the EU.

In times dominated by digital devices that disconnect us from face-to-face socialization, pumptracks provide a unique opportunity to build: build a physical structure, build a passionate interest group, build friendships and community relationships.

Come on Mark, get this done.  Squeaky wheel needs the grease here.  This email will be uploaded on my website.  I will be updating Oceanside on the progress of our pump track, ideally located at El Corazon.  

Thank for your hard work.  I promise I will continue doing mine.

All the best for 2022.
Rodriguez for Congress Y’ALL!

Oh wait and see what the Lord will do.

Oceanside Strong,

Katie Swank

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