Canadian convoy of Freedom is coming to DC!! Praise the Lord!

So it wasn’t us all along. It’s Canada that is going to give US our freedom. After over 200 years, the loyalists are coming to declare freedom. Isn’t God incredible. The most unexpected rise of human bravery! May freedom reign friend. May freedom reign! God keep our lands! Glorious and Free!! Oh Canada we stand on guard for thee!!! Oh Canada America stands on GUARD FOR THEE!!
Proud to be CANADIAN!!!!!!


  1. Yes the PM has contracted Coward-19 and gone into hiding….he called the truckers racists when these are typical isolated cases as in every protest. But he himself dressed in a black face more than once, and racist costumes, and said it was understandable when churches were burned down, but called the truckers haters, their actions disgusting. Maybe he should go outside and walk down the streets of Ottawa on a few cold nights and see the Veterans that are homeless because he fails to do anything about their needs and pensions. Maybe he should go and work for the Shepherds of Good Hope on a Sunday or two and see who goes there for food. And in case you’re wondering, I have worked there and I am a Veteran so I know the BS that they go through and the crap that is dished out to them and to the homeless by a government that does not give two you know what about them. And as for Terry Fox being “desecrated” (some desecration: with a Canadian flag, an anti-jab sign and a baseball cap) how many people pass that statue and the tomb of the Unknown Soldier and don’t give two Shits about them every day. And how many statues have been vandalized, painted, taken down by leftists and that was ok? Now all of a sudden they are precious Canadian symbols for the MSM. Where are the media that care about the living human beings in the streets who have no homes, the kids that have no food to eat before they go to school every day? Where is the CBC for that? Oh but yes they don’t report those things because that won’t get ratings or votes. They are more concerned about a statue in the hope of discrediting a legitimate movement that challenges the government’s narrative than real life people whose families have been devastated since the beginning of these unconstitutional restrictions and are just holding on by a thread and are living in a nightmare caused by the current shit show of a minority government. Trudeau and that so called NDP leader (“leader for the working people”, what a joke) are unworthy to be even fit for a school council let alone government. GOD BLESS

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    • Amen! From the voice of the People! Praise God. Rise up! Don’t ever stop fighting. Don’t ever give up. The Walls of Jericho are coming down!!! Always remember to trust the wisdom of God in all things. Change can’t happen – this massive shift of power – from the hands of big Govt back to the people – Without EVERYTHING having to crumble first. Persecution was necessary for the people to rise up! And we are! But there will be painful and crazy things ahead in order for there to be a redistribution of that power. We will stay strong. We will stay vigilant. And above all…we will remain IN GOD WE TRUST & GOD KEEP OUR LAND!

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