We The People of California’s District 49 – Del Mar to Dana Point – Unite Brothers and Sisters. It’s time to stop the Divisive Measures of DC, we Demand Freedom!

Friends, please unite with me in prayer.

Dear Heavenly Father, please use this letter to reach many people who are lost and wondering what we can do. We can pray Father. We can pray to our Creator, or Loving God, Our Savior and Lord, your Only Begotten Son, Jesus, There is so much power in your name, and we speak your name Father. WE ARE NOT ASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST! We are your children. We are bought with a PRICE. HE gladly gave us His sacrifice, so we gladly lift up that cross and we will bear it too. We gladly give up everything to follow you Jesus. We lift up our voices to sing and praise you Father, for we are fearfully and wonderfully made in your image! We glorify you in this time of persecution because in PERSECUTION – we feel the YOKE – we KNOW YOU ARE REAL – You are more evident now that ever before. And as you promised in the BIBLE, your LIVING WORD – in praise you will grant us freedom and heal our land. In reverence and submission, you will hear our cry, you will forgive us of our sins and you will join us once again and grant us safety. We wondered in the wilderness, we built our idols Father, we are so sorry. WE are on our knees again, like so many times in history, we ask for your forgiveness, we ask for you to see our steps of faith. Please allow us to be BOLD, to be brave and to speak and act in wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit. We speak your name over this letter Father, may the truth shine through the darkness. May more people be saved. Please fill more people with hope and acceptance. You needed only the few. We won the Revolution in 1776 because you granted George Washington the divine wisdom of leadership to guide simple farmers and shop owners to win a war against the most lucrative and well-trained militia in the world at that time. You have done that over and over again, Daniel, Esther, Gideon, Joshua, David, Noah, Moses, Elijah, Enoch, the people of the Bible speak to your power Jesus, YOUR POWER alone, you are glorified in each page. You are glorified in all things, for you take what the enemy attempts for evil and like you did with Joseph, you use it for YOUR GOOD. You save the lives of many. We ask that you save us Father, that you revive us. That you light a fire within us, that you allow us to become a light in the darkness – My God, that is who YOU ARE. You are our light in this current darkness and we are LOOKING UP. We seek you. We love you. Forever and ever Father, we love you. Use us, let us be less, and may you be more. In Jesus awesome name, Amen.

Mike Levin and Members of District 49,

My name is Katie Swank. I am a representative of The People of District 49. We are sick and tired of the lies, the divisive and hate-filled rhetoric coming out of DC. It need to end. My eyes are bleeding after reading the weak citations found in the attached letter from Mike Levin – included in this email, which linked Propaganda back to the White House and the CDC. This information is flawed. It is old. We are done. 

Mike Levin. The letter you sent in response to my opposition is the most blatant price of nazi-propaganda I’ve seen since reading about Hitler and his Jew Killing insane murderous tactics. Shame on you.  Everyone can see that there are multiple medical paths that one can take to treat any contagious virus, and most importantly, that your personal medical path is a CHOICE. That medical path is private. That medical path is for families to make. Not for government to dictate. 

Do you not remember the most important percentage? 99% of people survive after contracting covid.  Time is not on your side. It has been 2 years. We are rising up against the madness. We demand our freedom. 

What about the medical warfare? The people treated with covid symptoms at the hospital with the killer drug Remdesivir – oh I’m sorry I didn’t tell you that I have multiple colleagues who work in various hospitals in district 49. What about the kidney failure and the heart attacks and the blood clots. Should we not speak about all the truth? Just propaganda?

Have you read the Nuremberg Code Mike? Here’s a quick freshen up for your morning coffee. 


Do you know that it is SCIENCE that 100% of people in District 49 – shot or no shot – are still contagious and can still contract Covid?  100%. 

What is this 33% Number Mike Levin? Fact: the CDC states that the shot doesn’t not prevent contraction or prevent you from being contagious!  No one is immune to a mutating virus!  How many scary names has DC called the coronavirus? Omni, covid-19, delta, what’s next? 

We totally understand that many people have taken the shot and have had no side effects as of yet. That is great. My family is vaccinated (with real vaccinations) – we are not anti-medicine. All of the factual information is essential. All citizens must be represented and well informed. 

It is fact that some people who have taken the shot still die from the virus. There are many treatments to this virus that don’t include a shot. There many people are medically unable to take the shot. My mom is one of them, Mike Levin. Do you love your mom? Would you do everything in your power to protect her? I will. 

So what happens to those people like my mom Mike Levin? Do we hate them, fear them? Segregate them? Absolutely not!

Are you not reading all your data?  Are you not representing all of the people in District 49?  I am a citizen in District 49. You do not represent my personal medical choices. 

How did that letter even make it out of your office?  How did the fact checkers not grab that information off your desk and scream at you and cancel you for your blatant use of lies! 

Covid is a virus that is age old. This particular Chinese Man-made Petri dish brand is still a mutating virus. It’s mutating all the time! It has hundreds of strands. The boosters, the shots can not fathom how fast it mutates! Wow! What a great money maker for all the drug companies. You all are gunna be getting shots till your skin’s too tough to penetrate anymore. 

I don’t need citations to speak truth.  You don’t say the sky is blue and have to cite a scientific source, Mike Levin. What I am saying is fact.  I don’t need scare tactics to get my point across. I demand truth. I demand freedom. Those are God-given and man cannot take them away. 

Propaganda is not ethical, it is not democracy. I’m not putting up with it. And you’re digging your own political grave. Do you know why? Cause your gaslighting tactics – they failed. Your on-off switching, flip-flopping mandates have got us all exhausted. We see through all the weak lies. This whole administration has turned the lights on too fast. District 49 is awake. And we detest the anti-Biblical conversation, correspondence and destain for all of the Republican and Democratic constitutes of whom all pay you to REPRESENT us – we don’t care about your personal opinion. We demand you hear ours! We the People, for the People, by the People!

You boldly stated, “I believe the best way to fight this pandemic is to listen to the public health professionals?!…” really Mike Levin?! That’s what you believe? But good friends of mine…who are actually public health officials are getting fired for not getting that particular medical procedure. They are health professionals who say no. Do you see the insanity there Mike Levin?  So, which health professionals do I listen to? Only the ones who you pick? Cause that’s communism, Mike Levin. Be careful how you answer. 

Democracy sees both sides. We are not divisive. We are Americans. We desire for the Constitution to be upheld. To be sustained. To be honored  as the truth that binds both parties together. Jesus said, a house that is divided against itself cannot stand. We must stand! We must stop the lies. We must tell the truth while we still can. 

You’re our hired staff, Mike Levin. We are not happy with your work. We refuse to be divided. District 49 will not fail. We will rise up and unite under this persecution. We will remember that above all we are America. We live in the most beautiful state and this house is worth fighting for. We will not back down. We will fight for our families. We will fight for our children. We will fight for Liberty, Justice and the Pursuit of Happiness.  

While some have moved away and left this state because of the tyranny. The few and the brave have remained. We do not need a uhaul van. We need to haul you away from a seat that represents freedom and democracy. We require a representative that will rise to the occasion and stand for truth and not cower in fear. We need a voice for ALL the people, who will stand for righteousness and fight for our freedom. 

Mike. I’m sorry but your time in office is up. We need to tidy the mess that was made. We see what is broken and we must fix it now.

But we will not leave you with nothing. We will give you everything. We will give you the answers to the pain you have inside. For the aching hole and emptiness you feel. We will give you Jesus. He is the way, the Truth and the life. No one comes to the Father expect through Him. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. All earthly chains will be broken. He will be your source of light. It’s free for everyone who believes. Salvation can be yours at this very moment. 

The best part is – Jesus gives you choice, you get to choose!  You get to decide your fate. Heaven with Jesus or Hell for eternity. I pray with my whole heart that you choose Jesus. The alternative is not going to work out. 

You must be feeling terrible with the choices you are making in government. It can’t make you happy. It can’t feel good. You must be angry quite often. Assess your circumstances and you may feel that if all the stuff you have tried has failed, and you see Christians standing up- with no fear, full of joy. Hummm. Maybe they have got something special figured out. 

In any case. I’m praying for you. And we are working very hard to make sure the future endeavours of your job are difficult to do. The spot light is on you Mike. Why? Because we believe that what you are doing is actually criminal and goes against the Constitution of the United States which states all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

Don’t even try and touch my freedom – my right to choose. I am allowed that right, why? Because my Jesus gave it to me first.  Morally and ethically – I get my right to choose Mike Levin. I am the proud wife of a United States Marine. He is a Combat Veteran. He fought for our freedom and because he fought, we won. In honor of my best friend and the love of my life, I will also defend this country. I will never back down. I will never waiver. I will never fear for God is with me and He will never leave me or forsake me. 


District 49

Oceanside Strong Patriot 

Katie Swank

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