My letter to California’s District 49 – We WILL Fight for America!!

My name is Katie Swank and I represent the people of District 49, specifically Oceanside.  We are a brave, bold and patriotic people.  We are a majority of hard-working, freedom fighting, veteran loving and ready to fight Americans. The price of gas is outrageous, the flip-flopping, liberty killing, control tactics and flat out war on our freedoms is disgusting. WE THE PEOPLE are done!  We are finished being abused by our own government.  We are pushing back, standing our ground. There are 195 countries in this world.  195.  Out of 195 do you know how many have a 2nd Amendment?  3.  Do you know how many have it written in their Constitution that the Amendment is to control Government overreach?  1 – America!  We are a country that LOVES Freedom.  We will never stop fighting you for it.  Socialism does not belong here.  We are a DEMOCRACY.  We are a CONSTITUTIONALLY FREE country.  FREEDOM is ESSENTIAL!

This internal war with strategic inflated essential elements is not based on anything to do with Russia or Putin. It’s Biden’s Loyalist/Socialist war on America and the Democratic agenda’s Intent to destroy our country. How can they bury the fact that they shut down our pipelines. They stopped drilling our oil and printed trillions of dollars issued to fear-filled propaganda fed uneducated people who then chose to freeze in their fear not go to work.  Socialism works best in dependent, apathetic and fear filled constituents.  We are not those.  We are armed with the Gospel of Truth.  We are armed with IN GOD WE TRUST.

Biden’s army is ruthless, they are feeding the socialist machine and Un-America is going try everything they can to erase the Constitution. The sheep will forget their rights. They will end up like Canada – a not so distant cousin. 

Remember all the Loyalists settled there Across the boarder after the American revolution. Patriots stayed here and fought for our freedoms. Today, Too many diluted humans with no Constitutional education are invited to live here. How do I know that? Cause I was one of them. I moved here from Canada and I had no idea about the Constitution- but I learned fast when a California State Sheriff decided to attack me for sitting on a towel at the beach with my kids. 

Yeah. That woke me up fast. It was way too familiar. Canadian politics and government overreach creeping in and I can see it so clear cause that’s my history. My vernacular for 30 years. I read Socialism fluently.  We MUST STOP IT AT ALL COSTS!!

We need to save our children and all future generations by educating at home. Filling the kids up with Healthy Information from real history, from the Bible, from textbooks – not personal opinions and weak science. 

Let’s stand again. Let’s fight back. Let’s unite the Patriots and clear the room. Send the Loyalists back to where they belong. Fight for freedom. Say the name of Jesus and never be apathetic. WE WILL Never stop fighting. 


Oceanside Strong Patriot:

Katie Swank

District 49

On Tue, Mar 15, 2022 at 11:18 AM Kevin Kiley <> wrote:

Hi Katie,I’ve just published a new blog post:
With Open ArmsThere are currently 76 Members of the State Assembly. Yesterday, 18 of them voted for my bill to suspend the gas taxes. Another 18 abstained from the vote. And 40 voted no, welcoming $6 per gallon with open arms. 
You can see how everyone voted here and watch the proceedings unfold on the Assembly Floor here.
All Republicans and one Independent voted yes; all Democrats abstained or voted no.The backlash was swift as legislators heard from their constituents. By late afternoon, one even put out an apologia, explaining she only voted no because she hadn’t “read” the bill.
The bill is two pages long. Newsom’s reaction was beyond belief, even for him. He claimed my bill would “line the pockets of petro-dictatorship and oil companies,” adding that rising gas prices are “a direct result of Putin’s war.” 
Right after Newsom made this comment, Connecticut’s liberal Governor humiliated him by announcing he was suspending his state’s gas tax, exactly as I proposed here. A Fox 40 reporter suggested the same thing would happen as with our State of Emergency vote before the Super Bowl.
In that case, she said, our “strategy essentially worked” because we shamed the Legislature into finally taking up the Resolution. In fact, the Senate will consider it later today.From yesterday’s events, it’s clear our government has never been more inept, corrupt, or out of touch.
This is the time to join the fight for our state and country.
Help me continue the fightShare this Post on FacebookKevin Kiley
California LegislatorPaid for by Kevin Kiley for Congress9458 Treelake Road, Granite Bay, CA 95746, United States 
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  1. Yes, we must stand strong to defend our God-given rights of life and liberty in His name. Faith in Christ is victory! Thank you for modeling faith without fear. May many add their voices to yours to proclaim truth!

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