Another Report Card for Representative Mike Levin – District 49 California

You are a horrible representative. You do not speak on behalf of the people of District 49 in Southern California. You speak out in letters to your constituants in your own Communist language. You are trying – in evil attempts to brainwash The People of District 49. The Gaslighting – reminiscent of Hitler’s tactics – is so pathetic and easy to read. You are working under the agenda of evil and you will be stopped. Evil never wins. We will replace you.
The Constitution is alive and well. You cannot destroy it. The people are rising against you and District 49 is really disappointed with your attacks against us. I’m praying for you Mike Levin. God knows all things and we are calling for our freedom. Let us be free. We are not a communist country. We are America. If you like communism move to a country that allows it.
We the People. For the People. By the People. The chokehold of economic ruin, the disgusting gas prices, massive potholes in our freeways, dangerous criminals on our streets, unemployment, suicide rates, depression, and the list goes on. That is your disappointing legacy. You did a terrible job. We fire you Mike Levin.

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