Mike Levin – You have no idea where you stand.

Mike Levin, you have no idea where you stand.  You definitely don’t stand for Justice, Integrity, Honor or Righteousness.   You don’t stand for America and you have no idea what you are saying about Ukraine. The leader of Ukraine is a tyrant just like Putin. War is never the answer but war is unavoidable under tyrannical socialist/communist run countries. That is fact since time began.  It is a foreshadowing for times to come if we continue to allow tyrannical leaders like you to further destroy our country. 

The American government has been at war with The People for over two years and you’ve been absolutely mute about that. Certain far left radicals are determined to ruin our God-given freedom and inject the disease of Socialism and sin into our divinely blessed Constitution. You’re a hypocrite and a coward. When confronted with truth you are blinded. You are so intoxicated and covered in sin when you speak or write. Your path is led by darkness and by darkness you will ultimately be consumed. 

I pray that one day you will see the light and you will know your Creator loves you. There is a way out of your pit. You can be saved from your sins and live eternally with Jesus. 

John 3:16 applies to everyone. All you have to do is believe to receive freedom. 

I am praying for this country and the God I pray to is the King of all Kings. Lord of all Lords. All heaven and earth bow to his omnipotent power. Do not chasten our Lord. Do not mock His ways. Repent and know that anything outside of praise and worship will end up in destruction. And on the contrary – blessings and peace are for those who believe. 

Katie Swank

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