The Thorn

When you’re brought down

on your knees

and you’re begging

Father please

take this thorn
away from me

The pain, it hurts

it reminds me

that life is brutal,

Life is tough

I feel overwhelmed

battered, rough

I’m wanting home now

can it be done?

but in that moment

another one

another soul

Needing prayer

needs the reminder

God’s still there

stand up tall

keep on doing

the Great Commission

keep on pursuing

You’re not done yet

There’s still more

the thorn is great

But so is reward

so keep on keeping

faithful true

look above

that shade of blue

That you compared

your inside mood

is full of promise

your attitude

is your perspective

so look up high

praise you Jesus

praise you why?

because You loved me

loved me first

inside this storm

feeling the worst

You brought such joy

some I’d never known

and so Dear Father

as I roam

and as I wander
inside my pain

Bring another

In Jesus name

bring another

to pray for, show

bring another

Lost, to know

the Light of Lights

the Great Physician

the Loving Savior

in full submission

I beg you Jesus

inside this pain

that I will always

ever remain

Praising You Father

thankful for this

because it’s here

I am not missed

you’re creating new life

inside of me

chastising, chisling

so I will see

that You didn’t give up

didn’t leave me be

You’re making me better

by taking away me

I asked to be used

but this old sock

was battered worn

a usless frock

You’re unfurling the knots

making new me

so You can use

a brand new she

the old stuff clung

to old gross things

tattered worn

the baptism brings

a grand reminder

you asked for this

so embrace it now

or you will miss

the blessing of new

and you’ll be stuck with old

are you ready

truth be told

you wanted to know

the Holy Spirit

but ears plugged up

so how could you hear it

the pain you’re feeling

is clarity

will you embrace


so learn some more

read more instruction

pick up the Book

His introduction

He’s calling you out

for more, you know

will you be ready

will you go

will you say more

than you ever said

with a mouth so broken

and cheeks so red

your broken bits

are His now, sold

you gave it to HIM
a brand new mold

so you are new

just like sticky sock

growing pains

familiar mock

you cling to ego

like a soother, child

shame on you

your sin, not mild

it’s embarrassing to watch

your tantrum, fit

you want to stew

you want all of it

you want the rage

you want the victim

you want to lash

never you, always them

bah, you were wrong

you needed the lash

you need the scourge

now you’re new at last

you needed the blood

pouring down

you needed to be peeled

to gain a crown

another layer

shed to the ground

revealing more

now you are found

thank you Jesus

for the growing pains

thank you Jesus

that I see remains

of who I was

and for granting me

time with You

so I could see

that you were working

cause I misunderstood

breaking me down

so You could do some good

I’m thankful for this

a great new fall

to rise back up

and give you all

Help me stay

fully in You

Father, Your Love

is faithful and true

and You didn’t have to show me

any of this

or make me know

joy in the midst

or overcome

evil with good

please bless me Father

if Your Will, It could

baptise me

in the Holy Spirit

allow my gift

to be aware and hear it

when you are telling me

what to do

stop me fully

shut my mouth with glue

take my actions

and make them yours

allow this girl

to be used, matures

more and more, for all Your glory

all I want is to tell YOUR STORY

share the GOSPEL

the Good, Good News

You came to save

all we do is choose!

You came and lived

a perfect life

full of anguish, full of strife

fully tested, you passed – perfection

fully living, you cried – affection

fully wise, teaching divine instruction

fully submissive, you died – rejection

fully omnipotent, you lived – resurrection!

fully loving, you offer eternal protection

fully forgiving, this is for all selection

fully here, outside of time

fully God, and Fully Mine

the Holy Spirit, comes to reside

inside your soul, He will abide

help you rise, every time you fall

help you remember, he gave his all

help you remember, your never alone

help you know, your not your own

help you see, you were bought with a price

and there is nothing you could do, not ever, not twice

there is no ACT that equals salvation

only believing that you are His Creation

the He loves you beyond, any earthly love

and He’s waiting for you, up above

yes, Heaven is there, friend, look at the sky

it’s crystal clear, it’s painted up high

His beauty revealed, every morning, noon, night

He reveals His love, every moment, it’s right

look up friend, He’ll be coming back

He promised in the clouds, so watch out Jack

and there’s the Gospel, read John, in LOVE

and never stop looking, for Him, above.

Dear Reader, if you are being tested today, remember God is love. He never stops working on You. He is the maker of the wind, the captain of your ship in the storm. If you have a big thing, a thorn, that you don’t understand, give it to Jesus. He will never leave you or forsake you. You are His and He is yours. You are lovingly and beautifully made. Inside your storm, cling to Jesus. Give to Him the things you cannot understand. In the past, you have tried to figure life out all on your own. You have tried so hard to mend bridges, be strong, solve problems. Sometimes it works for a while, but most things done in our own efforts are frail, and break down again over time. We must give it all to Jesus. He is the Great Physician.

If your pain involves relationships, abuse, hurt, misunderstanding, distrust, dishonesty, all the things that hurt so bad and make you feel chewed up, give it to Jesus. You cannot control other people, but you can change your own habits, your prayers, the way you think, the reactions you have and your own walk with Jesus. You can remember that Jesus knows all things. He is aware of our pain, he is there in our sorrow, he is with us and will never leave us or forsake us. Jesus promised us that he can overcome evil with good. God said that when we are weak, we are strong. He also promised us that revenge is HIS. We are not to react, but to give it to Him, he is faithful, just and the only one who can righteously judge. What we understand is nothing compared to HIS wisdom. He is bigger than the boogie man, every.single.time.

Friend, we also need to remember that He will not always change our situation. Prayer is not a magical remedy or balm you put on your “thorn.” His wisdom is always greater. When Paul prayed to have the “thorn” removed from his life, and God said, “My Grace is sufficient for you.” Paul learned to be thankful for his “thorn.” If your “thorn” is permanent then be thankful, ask Jesus to change your attitude towards it, ask Jesus to change the thorn to a mental picture of a rose, so as it pricks you, you remember that the thorn is beautiful because it keeps you on your knees, keeps you submissive and in remembrance of HIM and HIS suffering. He bled and died the most horrible death, so that YOU could live – in spite of your sin on earth, you’re REDEEMED by HIS blood. Why? because He loved you first. He loves you today, He will love you tomorrow and He will love you enough to show you The Way. Because He brought you TO it, He will be faithful and just to bring you THROUGH it.

Friend, you are loved. Receive Jesus’ love today. Know this new life. It is free, what on earth is free? What do you crave the most? To be forgiven? To be redeemed? To be included in this massive world-wide family? To be included in His protection? To have life make sense? To have a miracle Instruction Book that allows you to hear HIS voice, know HIS wishes for you? The Bible is alive. Jesus is alive. Jesus is the WAY, the TRUTH, the LIFE – no one comes to the Father, except through HIM. Amen.

How do you receive? Just believe what He said. It’s that simple. Simply His Salvation. Simply His Love. Omnipotently His Creation. Click this link to the book of John and wait to get your socks knocked off and know a new kind of love, the love of Jesus, what He did to show you how much He loves you and wait and see what God will do in your life.

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