It’s legal to kill your newborn in California. WE ARE AT WAR!

My name is Katie Swank and I represent the people of District 49, specifically Oceanside.  Let me introduce District 49 again.

In the name of Jesus, who was and is and is to come, I ask in His Name that all attempts against the people of the God we Trust be thwarted. In the Name of Jesus, I call out that the corrupt attempts be stopped against The Constitution of the United States.  I ask that it will be protected against the corruption of the enemy.  I ask in Jesus’ name that the current Administration be bound by confusion, blindness and the twisting of tongues.  

I ask in the name of Jesus that the men and women who are God Fearing Christians be empowered by the Holy Spirit and that all Christians be given the power and be called to ACT NOW against the demonic plots of the enemy.  May your will be done JESUS!  We speak your name on this JESUS.  Only YOU have the power to save.  WE are UNASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL!  We are bold, we are your children and YOUR WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in Heaven. Amen.

We are a brave, bold and patriotic people.  We are a majority of hard-working, freedom fighting, veteran loving and ready to fight Americans. We are America!  We are Bold, we are Christians.

The following attacks against the people will end!

Electricity prices are skyrocketing.  We cannot work enough, earn enough, or save enough to exist in this state. We cannot keep up with the escalating attacks of the current administration.  

For instance: I just got our electricity bill – $350. Our home is a 1844 sq ft bungalow in Oceanside California. We live 5 minutes from the beach – we do not turn on our heat or our AC.  We only use our appliances during low rate hours of the day, how is my bill $350??????

GAS prices are insane.  For well over a month we have been paying over $6 a gallon!  When will it end? 

The flip-flopping, liberty killing, control tactics and flat out war on our freedoms is disgusting. WE THE PEOPLE are done!  We are finished being abused by our own government.  We are pushing back, standing our ground.

This internal war with strategic inflated essential elements – we cannot live without traveling to work, using gas powered vehicles to facilitate our work, and electricity to power our homes and businesses.  This war is against the middle class and we say NO!

This is a far-left agenda war fueled by Biden’s Loyalist/Socialist mentality and it is against freedom loving Americans.  We say it again – NO!

This communist tyrannical full intent to destroy our country will end today. The Biden Administration shut down our pipelines only to spend more American dollars, and harm the earth way more by shipping our fuel in all the way from RUSSIA.  And why would he fund that communist leader?  Why would he give a single American dollar to that tyrant who is bound and determined to wage war on the world? 

This Administration stopped drilling our oil and then used the 1920 textbook from Hitler to control the masses.  They printed trillions of dollars, paid a bunch of sheep, a bunch of brainwashed, blinded people, who were financially able to freeze in fear and stop going to work.  Socialism works best in FINANCIALLY POOR/dependent, apathetic and fear-filled constituents.  Sound familiar?

NEWS FLASH – We the PEOPLE are not those, we love our country and we will fight to our death to protect our freedom and liberty.  We are armed with the Gospel of Truth.  We are armed with IN GOD WE TRUST.

Here is real history.  George Washington fought against the loyalists and won.  He did not win alone.  He won with a bunch of red-necked farmers because he was fueled with TRUTH OF THE GOSPEL.  WE Have GOD ON OUR SIDE.  WE DON’T LOSE. Have you read REVELATION?  WE WIN.  IN GOD WE TRUST STILL RINGS TRUE!

Biden’s army is ruthless, they are feeding the socialist machine and Un-America is going try everything they can to erase the Constitution. The sheep will forget their rights. They will move to Canada – like they did in 1776. 

Remember all the Loyalists settled NORTH, across the border after the American revolution? Patriots stayed here and fought for our freedoms. Today, too many diluted humans with no Constitutional education are invited to live here. How do I know that? Cause I was one of them. I moved here from Canada and I had no idea about our amazing American history and the Constitution- but I learned fast and furious when a California State Sheriff decided to attack me with his hand on his pistol for sitting on a towel at the beach with my kids. 

Yeah. That woke me up fast. It was way too familiar. Canadian politics and government overreach creeping in and I can see it so clear cause that’s my history. My vernacular for 30 years. I read Socialism fluently.  We MUST STOP IT AT ALL COSTS!!

We need to save our children and all future generations by educating at home. Filling the kids up with Healthy Information from real history, from the Bible, from textbooks – not personal sinful opinions and weak science. Dear Tyrannical Misfits, working for the enemy in our Education system – pay attention to all the parents that are keeping their champions home – teaching them the Bible.  Teaching them the Constitution, teaching them FACTS.  We are building our army against you.  And because GOD IS WITH US, WHO CAN BE AGAINST US.  

And since I am on the topic of children, read the following:

AB 2223 is a bill written which proposes no criminal liability for the murder of NEWBORN BABIES!!!!!

Buffy Wicks – this employee of the enemy wrote a bill that gives no liability for parents to kill their own babies after they are born.

“the bill would add the following language to the Health and Safety Code:

Notwithstanding any other law, a person shall not be subject to civil or criminal liability or penalty, or otherwise deprived of their rights, based on their actions or omissions with respect to their pregnancy or actual, potential, or alleged pregnancy outcome, including miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion, or perinatal death…Perinatal death is defined as the death of a newborn up to seven days or more.”

District Office

1515 Clay Street, Suite 2201, Oakland, CA 94612

PHONE 510-286-1400

Capitol Office

P.O. Box 942849, Sacramento, CA 94249-0015

PHONE 916-319-2015
The following pictures are what it looks like before you sign up with the devil as your main source of employment:

And here is what it looks like after you sell your soul:

Let’s stand again. Let’s fight back. Let’s unite the Patriots and clear the room. Send the Loyalists back to where they belong. Fight for freedom. Say the name of Jesus and never be apathetic. WE WILL Never stop fighting for truth, liberty, justice, freedom and the AMERICAN WAY. 


Oceanside Strong Patriot:

Katie Swank

District 49

Esther Sanchez,, Christopher Rodriguez Oceanside Councilmember,, Oceanside Councilmember Ryan Keim,,,,, fergusonl,,,,,,,,,, “”,,,,,, “”,,,,,, Brad Dacus, Kevin Kiley, Mark Olson, Mayer Of Oceanside,,,,, Brian,,, Mayer Of Oceanside

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  1. Thank you for spelling it all out there for those of us who live many states away. There IS power through the Holy Spirit. Praying that believers will be bold and stand up against the evil in this world.

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