Prayer Request

This was sent to me from a friend:

please pray for this little boy.

“Our worst fear has happened today. Please say a prayer for Stryker. He is in ICU. He fell from our two story home a few hours ago. He was flown to Cooks. He had leaned on the window and the glass pushed out and he fell on to the concrete driveway. We just moved in to this house not even 2 weeks ago and were unaware of the window being damaged. Stryker’s skull is fractured all the way across his head. His brain is bleeding in two places. And they do see some swelling of his brain His lung his also bruised. He has thrown up a few times and has been given medication for it and pain medicine. They did say the bleeding isnt bad enough to drain at this time. They will be keeping a close eye on brain swelling and of course the bleeding. They are only allowing two people at a time to see Stryker. Please pray for our sweet boy that he does well throughout the night. Please pray that he stops throwing up.Please pray that the bleeding on his brain doesn’t get any worse. Tomorrow morning we will hear more from the ICU and neurologist team. Till then they will continue to monitor him.🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽“

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