The Temple of the Holy Spirit

I find it so interesting that now the temple of the Lord is not a building, rather, He has allowed His temple to be within us, an eternal marriage of the soul and The Spirit. Yet, the diluted Christian of modern day allows that temple to be desecrated. Gone are any semblances of honor and glory to a God who has given the most precious gift – Himself.

“I have chosen” is what a Sovereign God promises, and yet, we detest that thought. We are not wise, we are weak – with a mind so feeble to deny the power of the Creator of All. Within the temple is the Spirit and Omnipotent Power, it is not of our own, it is of God. Humble submission allows the Spirit to do His Good Work.

Will I worship other gods? Or will I embrace time, and allow a change to occur now that will reform the trajectory of my eternal soul? Submission, humble submission, that will allow a new relationship with whom, only He, can continue to purify and use the temple.

Praise be to God, the Maker and Creator of all. Praise and honor and glory forever and ever. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

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