Learn the Days of the Week – Jesus Style

Thanks for checking out this brand new release!

Learn the Days of the Week with Jesus, Perfect for Homeschool, Sunday School, loaded with Christian Content, so Fun & Happy

We love Jesus and it’s so much fun to share learning videos and books that talk about how much Jesus loves us too!

We are never alone, never wondering where He is, because we know that He lives inside us, He will never leave us. God is so good and His Grace is amazing.

I pray that as you read these books you hear the message of the Gospel. Jesus loves you. If you love Jesus too but haven’t received Him as your Savior, Say these words with me to receive the hope of eternal life with Jesus in heaven

– Dear Lord, I am ready to accept you as my Savior. I love you. Please save me from my sins and let me live with you in Heaven forever and ever. Thank you Jesus for Your great love that allows me forgiveness. In Jesus Name, Amen.

If you said those words, Now you are saved! How exciting! The presence of Jesus will help you through all the ups and downs of life. It is way better to do life with him, than to do it alone.

Praise His Name.

If you said that prayer, let me know – so that I can pray for you.


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