Simply Swank Accessories

Welcome to Simply Swank Accessories. Thank you so much for checking our store. We offer a diverse selection of Christian based accessories. Continue to check this page for updates and thanks again for stopping by!

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Simply Swank is a designer accessory brand located in beautiful Southern California. Inspiration for each piece originated from the designer’s love for all things beachy.

This lifestyle accessory brand is exploding in popularity and quantity is very limited. The beautiful jewelry is designed with a variety of semi-precious stone beads and untreated wood beads. A complimentary gift bag and refillable essential oil diffuser are bottle included with each purchase ☺️

Pressure builds diamonds and persecution is running rampid in California. Simply Swank was created and inspired by Jesus-Loving Patriot, Katie Swank, who simply loves to share The Good News of Jesus. Thank you for your continued support and generous love. We appreciate all of you how love our jewelry and support our passion for sharing the Gospel.

How to use your Diffuser Jewelry: Simply apply your favorite essential oil on the wood beads, they will soak up the essence. Praise!

Care for Your Beaded Jewelry:

Do not cut thread or stretchy cord

Do not immerse in water

Do not wear during exercise

Ingredients may include the following: quartz, opal, crystal, glass, shell, pearl, metal, wood, sterling silver, jade and many others.

All bracelets will be made approximately 6.5 – 7 inches which fits 90% of wrists, please indicate if you need a custom size.

Disclaimer: All things are uniquely and wonderfully made by God, in a similar light, these pieces are Handmade with Christian Love, the styles will be the same, but they will have unique features, colors, content and placement that make each piece valuable and beautiful. God bless you!

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