Money, Money, Money, Money—MONEY!

I saw Candice Owens chatting about this bank,

I don’t know if you guys are frustrated with banking systems lately, we are.  My Husband and I got paid with 2 checks last week, instead of direct deposit, and we had to wait 48 hours before anything over $250 was available to us…2 checks..not $250 per check – $250 total!!!!  Our money – but not – for 48 hours it belonged to Navy Federal for some reason, as if they worked blood, sweat, and tears for it. 

It’s unconstitutional, it’s wrong. 

We worked every single second for that hard earned money, and please don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t 10k or even 5k, it was $1700 – and we needed it for groceries. 

It’s disgusting what this government, what this society and what this nation is simply accepting.  Shrug it off, it will get better, something will happen. Yeah, something is going to happen, we will surrender the only free country to the hands of the devil. We will succumb to tyranny, destruction, massacre, totalaratism, communism, dictatorship, and the list goes on and on…

Who will stand against it?

We need to be on our knees praying to the God of Creation that He will raise up warriors for Jesus to save us from this sinking sand. Freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is falling away.

It’s socialism: it’s stifling, gut wrenching and demoralizing.  How do I know? HOW DO I KNOW?

Because I lived it…because I was raised in Socialism – oh sneaky Canada, brainwashing the world that they are so friendly. What a beautiful cage they all live in. Those friendly caged-in animals. While their Socialist government orders the directive on how, why, when, where, to live their lives. No thank you. I don’t want your cage. I want my freedom.

oh, you guys protested in OTTAWA? oh yeah, Justin Trudeau took their money, fined them. “bad freedom fighters.” He evoked marshall law and took control of their bank accounts & drained them. You want to protest? To say this isn’t okay? I am suffering?

Jump! “How high?” they must all chat….

Australia? They wanted to protest? They wanted to say no.

Because if you look at what is happening to “free countries” all around the world, you will open your eyes and know – that stuff didn’t happen here, but it will… surely will if we don’t fight back!!!

Look at the directive that PAYPAL just took – you say something wrong? You owe them. You must pay your salary of $2500 for each wrong thing you do – they are your parents now. Pay your punishment. Pay your debt to them, because they are running your world now. They are the parents you fled. They are the dictators of your world now. You signed up with their satanic contract. YOU ARE OWNED. Social demerits folks, social punishments for something that they decide is wrong. It’s their truth.

How much longer are we going to stand around and just let freedom burn?  We need to stand up – fight back and destroy the attacks of the devil.  Jesus fought back with Scripture: substantiated truth and unwavering courage. That is the example I will follow. Nehemiah rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem against armies, against rulers, against scoffers, against all odds, because his cause was just, it was righteous and his fire was fueled with power from his Creator.

Esther fought back against her own husband. The King of Persia. Haha, while some Christian churches create their own religion based on Romans 13 and ignoring all other studies in the Bible where God commanded His people to fight back when the government attacks His PEOPLE, not a building, an institution, a business – His PEOPLE. LET MY PEOPLE GO! Moses cried out to Pharoah.

Daniel did not bow down and chose a den of starving lions instead of denying his faith, nor did his 3 best buds when they were thrown into the fire instead of bowing to a golden statue. huh? so many examples of righteous warriors? The Bible commands us to be bold! Speak Truth!

The Bible teaches a healthy balance of respecting our leaders when they are following the Lord, and yet, more instruction on protecting faith in the face of a GIANT – to fight and destroy the enemy so that the entire army knows that GOD IS ON OUR SIDE – to give them courage to charge against the PHILISTINES.

Take back our freedom by using Scripture, which is GOD’s TRUTH – NOT OURS!!!  I am going to send a letter to Navy Federal, I am going to start making phone calls and start causing a righteous ruckus.  I hope you join me, start making noise folks, we never stop fighting.

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Navy Federal’s savings, checking, Share certificates and Money Market Savings Accounts (MMSAs) are insured for up to $250,000.

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Individual accounts are owned by one member. You are insured for up to $250,000 for combined balances in your Navy Federal savings, checking, Share certificates and MMSAs. 

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