Day 36 HomeSchool Morning Videos – Grades 2 & 3

The following video is a great example of hearing information and listening with Godly ears. Do you know your Bible? Do you know the Constitution? Do you know your rights as an American?

This type of propaganda and attack on our freedom just happened when scientists mutated (changed) the flu and made a lot of people really sick. The government used this sad sickness to rob people of their freedoms and test to see if they are strong enough to be overcome. This evil continues to happen today with the type of Government we have in place. UnGodly acts are happening each day and we must remember to pray for our leaders and for our Country. Amen.

The newscasters in this video express a voice that is supportive of the shot – they said getting the shot helps OTHERS, that is a communist mentality – which enforces – Everyone must be the same, remember how we talked about yesterday? Everyone must be paid the same? How a doctor and a taxi driver got paid the same and the doctor stopped working hard? Can you imagine going for surgery and knowing the Doctor didn’t care if you lived or died, cause he was overworked and underpaid?

God made everyone different, unique, with different medical issues and needs. It is impossible to expect every single person to do the exact same thing. Everyone must write with their right hand starting now!!! Everyone who is left handed would be furious! In fact, let’s say this, to expect everyone to do the exact same thing is insanity. The devil works in an insane way, that is how you can easily tell if something is Godly, or from the devil. Make sure you always look at things that happen in life with a Godly viewpoint, put on your Jesus Glasses kids!

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