Get a $300 Costco GIFT CARD when you SWITCH Cell Phone Carriers inside Costco – PLUS! We cut our bill by an insane amount each month! Here’s how….

My husband was so frustrated with his Verizon cell service. He was always dropping calls, suffering from NO service, even inside our house, he was unable to pick up any bars. It was super frustrating, seeing that he uses his phone for work. We walked past the T-Mobile kiosk last week and quickly asked if there was a benefit to switching inside Costco. YUP, yup, there is folks.

We just switched carriers and got to submit a request for a $300 Costco Cash Card. WHAT?! Yes, yes we did.

Important info inserted here: I have had T-Mobile for the last 6 months and I am super impressed with their coverage. I never drop calls, I always have service and if I have any questions, I am usually talking to someone in America. Unheard of! I highly recommend that you take advantage of this easy-quick Cash bonus while you can.

(FAQ) Question: Why didn’t we try to switch him over sooner, since I was so stress-free with my phone and hubby was suffering? Answer: Life guys, life got in the way, it was annoying to think about spending the time to switch with the kids tagging along.

Bonus Answer (worth 10 pts.): Praise! You’re inside Costco while you switch, so you get to distract the kids with their fun children’s books. Just treat Costco like a temporary library and let the kids read while you do your cell phone switcharoo business. She shoots she SCORES!

Verizon is brutal, they once were the only company to go with – but not today, Honey. Their poor customer service, lack-luster coverage and overpriced billing is not worth the hassle at all. That’s what you get when you start sweepin’ your dirt under the rug and you give up on working hard. Just a gross pile of crap. Man up, Verizon, you gotta get better. Competition is healthy in a free market economy.

DID I FORGET THE MOST IMPORTANT PART? The monthly bill is $78 cheaper!!! That’s just under $1000 a year. WHAT DID I JUST SAY? $78? Yes, we are saving the inflation portion of our gas expenses, plus gettting a $300 Cash card from Costco, helping us out with inflation on our food prices too. Thank you Jesus!

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