Rise Up Child – Genesis 1:27 – Created by the God of Heaven

Genesis 1:27 So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

stand up

they are robbing you blind

wake up

they’re destroying your mind

rise up

history repeats insane

push back

rebellion within your brain


your raging within

righteous anger

against the sin

they can’t think for you!

they’re changing what is true

inside classroom walls

their power falls

you’re fighting back

because they lack

the power inside

they run and hide

against righteous rebuke

we know in LUKE

And Jesus answered and said to him, “Get behind Me, Satan! For it is written, ‘You shall worship the LORD your God, and Him only you shall serve – Luke 4:8

disgusting thieves

their ammunition – lies

you see so clear

with truth filled eyes

you won’t let them

take your future away

your disgusted by

their popular say

drowning themselves

trying to take you too

but you’re fighting back

with the Gospel true!

they are devious adults

with no care for your rights

they fill up your mind

with rainbow lights

the rainbow is God’s

promise of peace

but the Devil uses Scripture

to kill – decease

they tell you what you are

is probably wrong

so take this pill

and come, belong

to their outcast world

to the darkness within

to a crime-ridden language

that’s full of sin

to the fruitless life

of never having kids

here’s your mutilated body

that completely forbids

what God commands

go and procreate

you’re probably confused

you were never straight

hang on, There’s the Bible

getting messed with again

it’s the straight and narrow

the only path to win

isn’t that what God

explained was the only way

to heaven’s glory

when you die one day

it’s guaranteed, death will come

and your choice my friend

can’t be undone

you can’t undo

changing your whole body

you can’t undo

the crime of mutilation

you can’t undo

full male castration

you can’t see their path

of full destruction

is the devil’s path

to child abduction

rise up you child

against the grime

it pricks your heart

and disturbs your mind

fight back

against insanity

rise up

there’s power within me

i’m done

you scream inside your mind

God wins

and I will find

there’s more

that feel just like me

and courage is contagious

and all I see

is a new wave of hope

against depression and sin

you’re liberated from the grime

of the teacher’s whim

they won’t have power

over what God made

children are the future


Rebuke the devil

like Jesus did

say I’m perfectly designed

I am HIS kid

Genesis 1:27

The power of Scripture destroys the devil’s toys

trying to tell you that girls just might be boys

and the best part of all

inside this rhyme

is that you were the one

who stopped their crime!

rise up!

You are perfectly made

designed by a Creator

who has power to save

fight back

with Scripture true

get behind me Satan

you’re words aren’t true!

say the words

that rebuke the wave

against you, child

Jesus promises to save

I rebuke you with the power of Jesus and the Bible Genesis 1:27

Genesis 1:27

Created by the God of Heaven

Genesis 1:27

Created by the God of Heaven


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