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Birthday Wish

https://youtu.be/DPHh3nMMu-I Twas the night, the first Christmas And all was so still a birthday was coming a manager to fill.   All of the animals anxious, await the birth of a Savior they stand at their gate.   Even they feel how special, this day to deliver; rescue. His name it does say From the very… Continue reading Birthday Wish

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Christmas Bliss

She sits upon her assigned seat and thinks about the faces sweet those of whom she hasn't seen since she was just a grown up teen the world has been travelled through she has done what she had to do and now she's settled happy inside her ministry was to abide with those in need… Continue reading Christmas Bliss

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A Christmas Rhyme

If you feel lost within A troubled world wrought with sin Open your heart look around See the lights love abounds Listen close tis' the time Shining lights A Christmas Rhyme   Jesus came little one Such disguise God's. Own. Son. Omnipotent Power within a babe Here on earth The gift He gave. Sparkling Lights… Continue reading A Christmas Rhyme

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Dissecting Ingredients in Popular Body Care Products

Let's dig deeper into some popular body care products.  All information included in this post is thanks to EWG website.  This is such an awesome site if you have concerns about any product you are using.  They have information on basically everything.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, yikes!  These ingredients… Continue reading Dissecting Ingredients in Popular Body Care Products

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Simply My Swank All Natural Body Care Rhyme (cause that’s what I do!)

Click here to purchase!!!🌹👍🏻☺️   Simply My Swank Natural Body Care love my body and what I share I decided to create and I care about by fate!   The things I used were not working chemical ridden simply hurting. So fed up I made a mix put it on and it fixed all the… Continue reading Simply My Swank All Natural Body Care Rhyme (cause that’s what I do!)

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Fallen Hero

"Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-3BJrG79IA Quiet Night He's not found Door Bell makes horrid sound Numb feet walk that way Uniforms there Can we pray?   Door slams she drops Cold floor worry stops Anger comes takes its place She screams angry face Mad… Continue reading Fallen Hero