Christmas Bliss

adult aircraft airplane business
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She sits upon

her assigned seat

and thinks about

the faces sweet

those of whom

she hasn’t seen

since she was just

a grown up teen

the world has been

travelled through

she has done

what she had to do

and now she’s settled

happy inside

her ministry

was to abide

with those in need

who heard a voice

words of God

and love, rejoice

through her

many came to Him

and work’s now done

she settles in

feels such love

with steps found home

her journey done

no longer roam.

brown wooden welcome wall decor
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opened door

surprised them all

they scream out

she feels so small

like the child

that went away

no time past

perfect day

Christmas joy

fills the air

happy family

nothing compares

to hearts now full

mission complete

Jesus rejoice

tis’ so sweet

adult beautiful christmas cold
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the gift of joy

please fill your hearts

it’s time we all

play our parts

if you know

of someone sad

they are missing

someone so bad

please remember

bow and pray

for a heart that’s heavy

in a lonely way

Christmas comes

every year

and family is always

oh so dear

we need to reach out

to the lost

no matter the worry

no matter the cost

Christmas is a time

of utter bliss

when you are surrounded

by ones not missed

but if there is a piece

that is not there

the puzzle is sad

and full of care

pick up an extra

share it with them

Remember your always

a Jesus friend

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you love

you care

you’ll always

be there

to share of His love

and hold a hand

that is God’s

great command

love your neighbor

love a friend

love a person

in need of mend

share a hug

lend an ear

make them feel

oh so dear

Christmas brings

a special love

one that’s sent

from God above

your mission might be

right at home

and you don’t have

to journey, travel or roam

to find your mission

your Godly command

it might be here

where you stand

people standing inside church
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Christmas Bliss

share His love

pray to be full

with Joy from Above!

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