Birthday Wish

Twas the night, the first Christmas

And all was so still

a birthday was coming

a manger to fill.

All of the animals

anxious, await

the birth of a Savior

they stand at their gate.

Even they feel

how special, this day

to deliver; rescue.

His name it does say

From the very beginning

that was His lot

to bring us salvation

yet, we all forgot!

Jesus was born

that humble, cold night

and silence was heard

Instead of such fright!

The sky opened up

with Glory never seen

and Angels erupted.

“Hosanna! OUR KING!”

Caught the attention

of shepherds and sheep

and wise men afar

a secret to keep!

Mary and Joseph

held a new babe

Omnipotent power

the Lord he had gave

His only son

Jesus our Lord

Happy Birthday, Jesus

How great our reward!

Christmas Wishes

to remember the past

the way it was written

so that it can last.

Don’t tell other stories

that cloud the real facts

don’t rob Him of Glory

no Santa with sacks.

Why else do we give gifts

each year on this day?

What sense does it make

please tell me, do say?

Is there some other reason?

that you can tell me?

Of why you all spend

every single penny?

Keep up with the neighbors?

Show off to your friends?

I’m telling you honey,

Who cares what you spend?

Christmas is a birthday

it comes every year.

Just like yours, silly

Please listen, Please hear

We celebrate Him

it’s fun and it’s joy.

It’s about that precious Saviour

A King born a boy.

Inside that tiny package

is Salvation for all

now tell me again

why you celebrate y’all?

Birthday Wishes

from me unto you

is that you forget

about Santa – PU.

and tell everyone

that Christmas is here

It’s Jesus’ birthday we celebrate

On this day every year.

Jesus was born

Eternities’ gift

That’s all folks

Until my next rift.

Today is my son’s birthday.  I can’t imagine how hurt he would be if he woke up and I told him that we were not going to celebrate HIS birthday today.  We, instead, are going to “awe in wonder” about a fat old dude, and his deer, that live in a cave, that no one has ever seen, and he is magical, and he squeezed down a chimney and creepy ate all his cookies.

That is who we will celebrate today.  Not your birthday, son, sorry!  That fat dude stole your birthday!  So, from now on we are not going to celebrate your birth anymore.  Shrug.

How sad would my little boy be?  How sad would our whole family be?  And how stupid would we look?  Wouldn’t people talk about us, consider us mean?  hummmm… does that make you think about something else ridiculous that we do?  Just wondering.

I’m not quite done with that thought….How ridiculous is it?  How stupid is that story?  Can you not understand how stupid it is to celebrate in imaginary made up fat dude in a leisure suit on the birthday of the ONE TRUE KING?

Happy birthday son.  I am so glad you’re here.  You give my life so much Joy.  You have been here with us for 3 years now and I love you with such a full heart.  You’re energy is exhilarating.  I love watching you become a Gentle Man of God.  Your spirit is so beautiful and I pray that you Love Him forever, like you do now.  God bless you on this special birthday, December 8th.  It is your day and I am so happy to make it JUST YOURS.  You deserve to have it.

Please remember why December 25th is His special day.  That is my only Christmas/Birthday wish.

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