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All Natural Body Care

100% Free of Coconut Oil!

100% Free of Soap!

By Katie Swank

“It is Effective, All Natural and Simple to use!” 

Thanks for Reading

God is good all the time!

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Simply My Swank LLC

Is a registered company in California.


Welcome to Simply My Swank All Natural Body Care.  Reading the information on this site will allow you to understand how and why the Simply My Swank lifestyle is so special, important and innovative.

Thank you so much for your support, for your love and for sharing my passion for changing the way we are “taught” to care for our bodies.  Buckle up, it’s a wide ride!

Hi, I am Katie Swank – Owner and Creator of Simply My Swank All Natural Body Care. Nice to meet you!

First and foremost, “Praise!”

GOD IS GOOD, HE IS AMAZING. He is my constant inspiration,  He fuels my passion, and grants me grace everyday.  Developing Simply My Swank All Natural Body Care has been a tedious process, with bumps and bruises along the way.  I have learned so much and my interest is passionately growing.  I can’t stop thinking about my products, researching the “science”,  talking about my discoveries and improving the product line. I know that this is my Christian ministry and I am SO thankful to find myself HERE. It makes me feel so special!  

Ta DAAAA!  A little bit about me:

I have an inexhaustible desire to help people.  I believe that Natural Body Care is SIMPLE Logic. It’s one of those “Duh” moments in life. Or Simply – “Why didn’t this come to me sooner.”  I am so thankful for this opportunity to share what I have learned.

Important to note, my ideas are derived from PERSONAL research on the body and skin completed in my home.  I am not a doctor.  I am a well educated woman with incredible passion, some fantastic ideas and proof in the puddin’ products that I personally love and I am excited to share. 

None, zip, zero, nil (yes, that means no) information in this blog is meant to diagnose, treat, or remedy any medical issue you might have.  The ingredients in my products are things you might find in your kitchen.  I do not claim to have any product that will make your skin not age.  That is impossible.  I expect and hope to age gracefully and beautifully using products that include NO chemicals or preservatives.  The products are meant to work WITH our bodies – in a very natural way.  If you have any questions about my

Hang on for one second!  Am I smart enough or qualified enough to talk about this?

You bet!

I am an Acadia University Graduate and I furthered my education in Public Relations at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  I have a passion for research, learning and developing.  It’s something I have enjoyed my whole life.

One of the crowning moments in my professional career was when I made a quantum leap from retail sales to Finance Manager.  This promotion increased my annual salary from $40k to $150k in a matter of 2 years.  I maintained that position for 5 years until I met my husband and became a stay at home mom!

Pretty awesome, eh? “Oh, Canada…”

I love every second of raising my 2 babies, my champions. Being a homemaker is more strenuous than any job I had outside the house!  Best of all, it’s more rewarding too!

I have a powerful, supportive husband who has made quantum leaps of his own and I am so proud to be his wife.  I love him so much. He served our awesome country for 6 years as a US Marine and now works as a PowerLineman.  His job is considered one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. He is brave, strong & loving, the best dad on the planet and, most important, the love of my life.

Life has thrown us some doozies, and we treat each one as an opportunity to grow stronger and more powerful.  We have persevered and continue to be God’s Champions everyday.  Our Faith in God is our everything and we are so excited to share our Christian beliefs to all that will listen. God is so good.

In the last 5 years as stay at home mom, I have mastered many skills that I am really thankful for.  I have become a master natural doctor, therapist, gardener, chef, maid, carpenter, seamstress, author, painter, researcher, and creative designer.  I am so proud of the amazing skills I have developed. I am super excited to share my latest creation with all of you!

I am a natural born Entrepreneur.  I create and design things all the time.  Many of those things function well and become masterpieces.  I am so, so excited about this new chapter in my life.

Simply My Swank All Natural Body Care:

1 Corinthians 13:13  And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

What prompted me to create these products?  Frustration is the answer, and for those who know me, you’re not surprised.  haha.  I couldn’t understand WHY!?!? Why are all the products that I use to care and cleanse my body able to last for years and years when the healthy food I eat every day cannot?  Do you know why?

Isn’t my skin an important part of my body (the body’s largest organ)? Isn’t my skin as special as my internal organs?  I was eating organic foods, fresh veggies, exercising and yet I was poisoning my largest organ everyday.  That was a problem and, all of a sudden, I needed to find the solution. Thus, the solution became my passion.

The utter lack of available effective Body Care was the major reason why I designed my products.  Why continue using something if it doesn’t work, or if it makes things worse. That’s what was happening to me.  The products I was using didn’t work, in fact, they were making things worse! 

Deodorant let me down n’ made me stink. Facial and body washes dried my skin out and make me itchy.  Then itchy skin needed moisturizer, but the moisturizers were full of chemicals and preservatives, saturated fats and harmful things that I didn’t want absorbed into my system all day long. All broken, all needed fixin’.

God made us perfect, in His image, so let’s dig deeper and I’ll explain my opinion on how and why I believe our skin works. If you’d like you can embrace this – SIMPLY MY SWANK – brand new way to care for our bodies and use new cleansing products, habits and tools. I pray that we are able to open our hearts and minds to new awareness.  Let’s embrace an awesome way of encouraging rather than inhibiting our body’s natural functions and live a Simply My Swank kind of lifestyle!

I gotta tell you, I am sick and tired of hearing all terrible stories of disease, fear and sickness from super special people in my life.  It’s Simply not fair.  I’m only 37 and these stories are coming from men and women my age!  Breast cancer, stroke, heart attacks, hysterectomy, lung cancer, auto-immune disease, and the list goes on.

Simply My Swank All Natural Body Care is chemical free and created with completely natural-based ingredients.  It’s wonderfully homemade body care.  I believe my products work in conjunction with the body’s natural system and promotes happiness, encouraging a feeling-special kind of lifestyle, and allowing an all natural and personally beautiful aging process.

I am convinced that premature aging occurs when we permeate our gorgeous skin with horrid chemicals, preservatives, strip the good stuff, expose it to free radicals and preservatives which damage our body’s God-Given natural and in-His-image running systems.

Phew, that was a mouth full!

Granted, we are all created and designed different and beautiful in HIS eyes, so the products might not work as efficiently for you as they do for others.  If that is the case, I am really sorry, and yet still I am a problem-solver. Please let me know what you like or dislike about the products.  Maybe you don’t like the way they smell, or the way they feel? Let me know and I can try to make adjustments for you!


Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 1.22.51 PM
credit: google search result on saturated fat.

Simply My Swank All Natural Body Care is completely free of Coconut Oil which is very high in Saturated (not good) fat – known by the American Heart Association as a major contributor to heart disease.  Per tablespoon, coconut oil has 12g of Saturated Fat, Butter has 7g of Saturated Fat.  When I discovered that issue, all of my skin care routines went out the window.  Heart Disease is the #1 cause of death in both Men and Women in America.  WOW.

That was an :”open-my-eyes”, Ding! Ding! Ding! realization. Basically everything I had in my skin care routine had some sort of coconut oil in it. EVEN my vitamins!  Even more wowzers. I excluded any oils that are considered high in Saturated Fat in all of my body care.  Heart Disease runs rapid in my family and I was so shocked when I found out that most of my skin care was designed with Coconut Oil.

Any oil that is solid at room temperature is considered high in saturated fat.  Truth!

When coconut oil is (scary) fractionated – made liquid at room temperature it isn’t even considered edible anymore.  What are they doing to it to make it continuously liquid?  Gross.  And if it’s fractionated so far away from it’s natural state, why am I putting it on my skin.  Even more gross.

Personal example:  My mom has Crohn’s disease, (a disease of the bowel).  She has suffered from this for most of her life.  She controls much of this disease by eating one of the healthiest diets I have ever witnessed.  Pain retains, right people?!  So, it saddened me to see her come home a couple of months ago with a very stressful story.  Her last checkup concluded that her cholesterol levels were skyrocketing!

No, her diet hadn’t changed, her lifestyle had!  She fell in love with essential oils, just like me, and was using coconut oil all over her body as a carrier oil!  SHOCKING NEWS FLASH.  That’s when I dug deeper into saturated fat content of oils.  HOW DARE YOU COCONUT OIL.  You nasty thing, you are so fluffy and you smell so good, and most people just talk about your benefits, but not the fact that you are full of unhealthy saturated fat.

When I first designed my deodorant, I ignorantly used coconut oil, because it was the only oil I used on my body at the time.  After a couple of weeks on my bathroom counter, I noticed that there was mold growing in my deodorant.  YUCK.  So that’s why they need to use all those chemicals – to prevent mold.  Why not just use natural oils that don’t mold and get gross right away.  The ones that are awesome for your skin and encourage the way it’s suppose to work? Answers anyone?

Now that I am using avocado and grape seed oils and baking soda in my new formula – with NO coconut oil, it lasts a lot longer, there is no sign of mold!  The recommended shelf life is limited to 6 months because of the Aloe Vera Gel ingredient shelf life recommendations.

Hello, excuse me.  I am still frustrated with you.  How dare you talk about coconut oil like that.”

It’s just my skin, coconut oil and all of it’s saturated fat can’t effect my heart.  

These are some questions I asked myself:

How do nicotine patches work?  

How do birth control patches work?

All of those chemicals get absorbed through our skin!

Our skin is our largest organ, even greater than that, it houses our lymphatic system, our sensory receptors, our blood system, our and is the largest endocrine (hormone) gland we have.  It is the body’s largest “force field” and we need to start protecting it every single day!

All of the junk I was putting on my skin was being processed by my precious systems and were messing them all up.  How can I be in sync if everything is working overtime and against themselves? Possible?  I think not! Overtime means working too hard, and breaking down with too much wear and tear.

So I had to discover the solution!  And, to me, it was just so simple.  If my body is not broken, why treat it so?  If you need oils on your skin in order for it to be hydrated and protected, why are we stripping the good oils and exposing our skin to dryness – which then equals cracking – which then equals infection – which leads to the immune system heating up and working past its capacity.  It all seems so flawed.

Plus, the only reason the chemicals are added to most body care is to PRESERVE the product.  Maximum Profitability commands that products be able to sit on a shelf for years until you buy it, and then sit for years inside your house until the bottle is finished.

Cause that’s money well spent, isn’t it?  You gotta finish everything on your plate y’all.  OR you’re wasting your money!


Body Care (in my opinion) has gotta be fresh, it’s gotta be packed full of vitamins, natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-microbial, fully cleansing, and HEALTHY ingredients.  Do you agree?

AND YES, healthy, chemical-free products will go bad after a while, so use them all the time and use them all together.  One product leads to the next, and the next and they all work in harmony with each other, not against. Just like our bodies! Do I hear a DING! DING!?

I created my body care line after doing extensive research, consulting with reputable websites and basically “cooking up” the perfect recipes for success.  Just like any masterpiece, after much trial and error, I have designed a line of awesome products, created a business and I’m so excited to share all of them with you.  They are fresh, they are effective, they will work WITH our skin and not against, and if you agree, will aid us in making healthy choices for our brand new body care routines!

Again NOTEnot all bodies are created equal or the same.  If you have adverse reactions to using my products stop use immediately and contact me.  We can discuss your reaction and find a potential solution!  All of the products work in conjunction with one another.  IF you do not use all of the body care line then your system is unfortunately out of sync and the effectiveness is squashed to bits n’ pieces.

Romans 8:28 

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Lymph Nodes:

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 6.03.42 AM

Research, Research and more Research has led me here – talking about Lymph Nodes.  I knew that they were important, a crucial part of how my body works, but with a casual shrug, I’d be thankful for them and go about my day.

Not Anymore!

I respect those champions so much now! With every step I take, all the physical exercise I do, I think about them now.  I now know why they are SO important, how to take proper care of them, how they work most efficiently and will care for them forever!

Simply: lymph nodes and the lymphatic system are the “oysters” of our bodies. Lymph Nodes are incredible freedom fighters.  They are clusters of cells in little pouches that have tubes running in and out of the pouches. Lymph Nodes work hard by taking in all the gross and harmful elements in our bodies, filtering them, digesting them and then pumping out all the good stuff back into our body.

Lymph have no structure to their walls, no pumping or force action to move or activate them!  WHAT?!  So, the only way to get the most out of our Lymphatic System is to get off our butts and get moving!  Every time we get a great pump from our workouts, long walks, “getting the blood moving” that assists the lymphatic system and allows it to run at full capacity!

Because they have no structure to their system walls, any tight clothing or restriction prevents the flow of their work too.  Make sure that you give your body efficient rest from tight and restrictive clothing!

Simply My Swank Natural Body Care is an effective and gentle way of caring for our Lymphatic System.  There are no harmful chemicals that make our Lymph Glands – many located in our previously stinky pits – work overtime.  The last thing I want to do is force those precious cancer and disease fighting glands to work overtime due to poor decision making on my part.

Simply My Swank All Natural Deodorant is a great solution in caring for our precious Lymph Nodes, cancelling out the stink, and living a Simply My Swank Lifestyle!

According to WebMD:  Blood and lymph vessels serving the arm travel through the armpit. There are more than 20 lymph nodes (small lumps of tissue that are part of the body’s lymphatic system, which helps fight infection) in the armpit. These lymph nodes normally cannot be felt through the skin. The armpits have a high concentration of hair follicles and sweat glands.

Simply My Swank All Natural Deodorant is a great solution in caring for our precious Lymph Nodes, cancelling out the stink, and living a Simply My Swank Lifestyle!

Understanding Lymph Nodes and how crucial they are to fighting harmful cancer cells and cancer causing elements in our system makes me love them, care about them and want to protect them.  I love my life, I love my family and friends and I want to live a long time to spend fun days with them, not sick, simply happy and SIMPLY MY SWANK right?

Not only are the Lymph Nodes concentrated in the pits, neck, chest and groin.  But the lymphatic system runs throughout our skin.

Now that I understand Lymph Nodes, and know where they are located, and know that every time I put Deodorant with Chemicals and Harmful debris into my pits I am over-working these little Champions and they can’t just do their regular job. I’m forcing a crucial part of my immune system to work overtime. My Lymph Nodes have to filter out all those gross chemicals that I just intentionally added to my pits using old, gross deodorant!

poor lil’ guys.

So, with Simply My Swank Body Care, created with healthy fat-based oils, I know I am providing the best care for my precious Lymphatic System.  Giving my body it’s greatest chance it has to be stink free, healthy, and Simply…

Yup, I said it, Simply My Swank.

Research & Questions

You need the answers to these questions in order for us to be on the same page:

ready? set? Go!

What is SEBUM?

Sebum is a precious oil that is attached to every single hair follicle in our bodies. According to Sebum is a light yellow, oily substance that is secreted by the sebaceous glands that help keep the skin and hair moisturized.  There are 5x more Sebatious Glands in men than in women! Crazy!  This may be why men appear to age more gracefully than women?  We need to keep the precious God-given oils in our skin to keep it moisturized and healthy.

Why Sebum Is Important?

Beyond keeping the hair and skin moisturized, sebum serves other important purposes, including maintaining the skin’s flexibility and acting as a barrier to protect the skin from bacterial and fungal infections.

Does Soap deplete our skin of Sebum?

The answer, to me, is Simple.  Yes!  Our skin is naturally acidic, it naturally kills bacteria and germs on contact.  But unfortunately soap is really alkaline – so it dries out and removes the awesome acidic oils in our skin.  Our Acid Mantle (the outer layer) is set at a pH of 4 – 6.5, and that doesn’t matter if you have super oily skin or not.  It’s just human.  Soap is usually a pH of 9 or 10 and sometimes higher.

I’ll throw out some awesome question for you:

Do those pH numbers make sense to you? Are they balanced?

Do you think that when you use soap it balances your system or potentially makes body conditions worse?

If there is an oil spill how do you get the nasty oil off all of the precious animals that are effected?  Soap?  yup.  It strips off oils and leaves us dry.  Yuck.  We are not suppose to be “squeeky clean”. We are designed as 90% water, so we have to stay waterproofed with our God-given oils.  Duh.

If skin needs sebum to stay young, and soap robs your skin of sebum, then why keep using soap?

  • I’ll wait for your answers.
  • Again – 619-987-1431 (I only take calls at double noon on Twendsdays.)

Can I cleanse my Skin with products that do not have soap and not get sick?

The ingredients in my Body Care products are natural anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal, naturally occurring deodorizing, and exfoliating for the freshest, healthiest and most naturally beautiful skin you can achieve without using chemicals! There are no unnatural preservatives in any of the products. Also, they will not last for years and years on your shelf, you’re welcome!

By no means am I saying to stop using soap after using the bathroom, or after handling raw meat, or dealing with any other gross situations.  All I am saying, is we don’t need to be washing all of our parts with harsh crazy chemicals all the time.  If you have raw chicken juice on your hand, use soap.  However, if you don’t, just cleanse your skin with natural products.  I’ll throw out another quick, “duh”.  I am not an extremist.  I am a Simply My Swankist.

Will my shower get slippery when I wash with all this oil?

Yes, please make sure you always powder the bottom of your shower with baking soda before and after you wash.  The precious oils in all of the washes are slippery and if you are not breaking them down in your shower, it can get really slippery and, therefore, very dangerous.  Make sure you always use baking soda to give you traction and break down those oils.  PLUS, you are using a natural cleanser so you are washing your shower while you are protecting against the scary slippage.


Are the ingredients high quality?

YES.   The products are very high quality – the best I could find!  Most of them are organic, all are fresh.  My packaging is simple and environmentally friendly!  AWESOME!


The glass containers are super intentional.  I want all of the containers to be reused and we will reduce the amount of plastic waste going to landfills all the time.  DO NOT THROW YOUR CONTAINERS AWAY.  Bring them back to me, I will sanitize them and refill them for you and you will get a discount for every container that you return.  I appreciate your willingness to preserve our quality of life by reducing the waste we send to the landfills every day.  

I pray that Health and Happiness is something that you strive for by making GOOD decisions.  Drinking lots of water and eating a well balanced diet that is full of fresh veggies, fruits and nuts is so important.  Daily exercise is drastically important to the effective functioning of all of our systems.  Nurturing – mental, spiritual, relational and emotional aspects of our lives will allow us to grow towards a healthy and fulfilled life!

Philippians 4:6

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

Social Awareness Factors:

10% of the proceeds of my Body Care Line will go to our family’s awesome charity The Haiti Foundation Against Poverty.  We personally support 4 children from Haiti.


This product line is designed with Grape seed Oil and Avocado Oil which are both very low in Saturated fat! Score!

However a bragging point with this awesome product is Multi-Functional.  Many of the products do more than one thing!  It’s a Simply My Swank way of life.  If process is made more efficient, then life is all the more Swanky!

Now, I am 100% real with y’all, I know you are going to have a ton of beauty puff-stuff cause we all get bored, we want to try the new – latest n’ greatest – there is something fun and appealing about having a fun pretty bottle in your shopping bag isn’t there?  But when it comes to the practicality of your “getting ready routine?” yup, I’d rather not be searching and sifting through all my stuff to find that thing that does that one thing that the other thing doesn’t do. HUH?

I’d rather grab something that actually works too. If it’s broke, fix it.  Simply My Swank All Natural Body Care is an in-sync system that allows you to deodorize, polish, cleanse, moisturize, stimulate, nurture, and exfoliate all over your body.

I designed Simply My Swank as a solution to my body-stinky situation!  Yet, after learning more about my body and what Simply My Swank actually solves and overcomes, I got super excited.  It has grown into so many amazing products. BONUS!

Therefore, my line of Natural Body Care is personally the greatest, most effective, completely versatile and fantastic option. I pray it is for you too!

Simply My Swank consists of the following awesome products:

(The ingredients in each of the products are subject to change – according to availability and sustainability)


The great part about the deodorant is that it is super deodorizing! HA! So it is perfect for your pits and feet!  I announce “PU!” to all the absolute Grossness and to all the stinky and smelly parts of us, am I right?  So, if Simply My Swank Deodorant is great for stinky and smelly pits then it is perfect for all the dry calloused P.U. stinky feet too!

Another note: if you have been using traditional deodorant and have been clogging up all those awesome pores and glands with chemicals, please allow your body two weeks to flush out all of those nasty stinky things before you Simply throw your hands in the air and exclaim…this doesn’t work!  Yes, it does.  Your body is just using the correct amount of time it requires to clean out the gunk it’s been battling for so long.  Remember 2 weeks.  Then your funk-free “geared to go” for the rest of your life.

Magic~I tell you~it’s just magic!

Caution to all you traditionalists out there!

You have to unlearn your mind and accept newness.  I am not sure you are up to this massive challenge.  You have to use a jar that doesn’t look like a deodorant tube! OH NO! Can you do it?

The jar is a super unconventional container for deodorant.  I know, I know.  Try it, use it, love it, that’s all I ask.

Gross – EPA estimated 14.7 million tons of plastic containers and packaging were generated in 2015.

So don’t let the silly jar deter you from the effective deodorant properties.  Just scoop out a dab of deodorant with that cute little wooden spoon, put that on your fingertips and rub it into your pits nice n’ gentle.

“It will Squash your Stink in a Super Simply way.”  Wa-lahhh. Simply not Stinky.  Simply My Swank.

The wooden scooper allows a careful distribution of the product so you are not wasting any and it reduces cross-bacterial contamination.  Dirty, germy fingertips and armpits can make your Body Care gross. Using this clean and easy to use scooper, you will only scoop out what you need. That saves money doesn’t it!? Simply Enough!

The oily composition of the product (it’s not like a solid deodorant), you bet, it’s more of a cream, yay! No white residue! Joy!

I designed it to be unlike the”normal” deodorants, because it Simply works better. Duh.  Simply My Swank.

YAY! There is no aluminum in the deodorant, so it will not stain your clothes. High Kick!


Important Awareness Note:

What’s this? Another NOTE?

Yup –  the toothpaste contains no Fluoride! OH NO.  Your teeth will rot and fall out!  Haha, just kidding.  Some people don’t mind fluoride, some people detest it.  It’s a naturally occurring element found in our bones and teeth. Everything in life requires moderation and careful understanding.  That is the Simply My Swank philosophy and basis of our lifestyle.

Soothing Primer Oil:

The Soothing Primer Oil is my ultimate, most favorite product, next to the deodorant.  This soothing & healing spray is amazing.  It includes all of the natural essential oils found in the diaper cream I was using for my children, plus other effective and amazing healing agents.  If it is safe enough for their bottoms than it is safe for me.  I use it for burns, for freshly shaved skin (aftershave for men) and for primer on my armpits for my deodorant.

Makeup Remover and Moisture Spray:

I was sick n’ tired of makeup removers that burned my eyes and made my skin feel like dry beef jerky.  So I made a better one.  It doesn’t hurt or make you cringe and it for sure won’t dry your skin out.  After you watch your makeup melt off and gently rinse off your beautiful skin, you will be a believer too.  You will actually look forward to taking off your makeup, instead of leaving it on all night long which suffocates your pores and leads to pre-mature aging. (in my opinion)

Body and Facial Cleanser:

Oh no!  It’s broken!  There are no bubbles!  I love bubbles, I am addicted to bubbles.  They make me happy.  Those bubbles mean that there is soap in my wash and I need soap to make my skin all dry and cracked and I love bubbles.  I’m not buying your silly wash.  No bubbles = No happy.

Okay.  Don’t buy it then.

But for all other customers that DON’T want dry, cracked and gross skin.  Buy this awesome product.  You won’t be disappointed!

The cleanser is uniquely designed with honey, aloe, and a bunch of awesome essential oils.  Fortunately for your skin, it will not bubble or provide you with any unbalanced pH elements.  Happily, it will allow you to walk away from your shower feeling moisturized as well as being cleansed with the anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties that are naturally occurring in all of the ingredients.  PERFECT?  I think so too.

Make sure you use the body wash like this:

Get in your shower and get your skin wet with warm water – this allows your pores to open up and absorb all of the awesome nutrients from the wash.  Step out of the water and rub a very thin layer of the wash with your hands (like you would lotion).  Then get back in the water and scrub off the wash with a cloth or scrubby.  I love gloves or this exfoliating cloth.  (Amazon affiliate links)

Eyelash Oil, Hair Moisturizer

I love having healthy hair.  Don’t you?  What? Your hair isn’t healthy silky smooth? Girl, let me tell you what.  Hair requires moisture in order for it to be silky and smooth.  When we wash with shampoo (high pH)  it dries out our glorious hair and makes it snap and break.  That’s why our hair looks so bonkers as we age.  We produce less natural fantastic sebum oil means more breaking and more crazy type hair doos.  

Na.  I’d rather not have that.  I’ll use some hair oil, thanks, great.  Hair oil tames the tresses, calms the strays, and moisturizes the scalp and hair follicles which helps us have nurtured hair that feels better and looks better.  

That is true for your eyelashes too!  You think that your stiff black mascara is moisturizing those precious lashes?  Nope.  That’s why it’s so important to feed them moisture without scary and damaging chemicals every chance we get.

How did I choose the ingredients in my products?

I did some careful research when I selected the ingredients for my products.  How does my skin work?  What does it need to work effectively and efficiently and not disgustingly. 

Plus, they all smell great, and that is super happy too.  BONUS!

Now what will work well with my skin?  K.  I’ll tell ya.

Chamomile – Shamomile?

“Meah,” said my mind about chamomile.  It’s a cozy drink in the chilly winter months and it helps me sleep better before bed.  “Meah,” said an unknowing and innocent mind about one of the most powerful plants we can ever utilize! 

Until that day…the day I was enlightened. Until that day when I met HER.  I was shopping in the tea aisle with my cutest little princess having fun and being silly.  We paused for a minute so I could grab some delicious peach tea.  There was a gorgeous older woman in the aisle with us and we all started chatting. Shopping with princess always encourages awesome encounters with incredible people, no matter what!

We started talking about the teas we were looking for.  She told me about the awesome benefits of drinking Chamomile tea – the one she was shopping for!  She explained to us that Chamomile tea is actually a powerhouse tea that fights off cold and flu and other amazing things.  Interesting.  But the most interesting and impactful fact was the next thing she told me.  I found out that this woman – NO JOKE was born in 1937 and is 91 years old.

She was standing tall, cute bob haircut with amazing gorgeous skin and perfect eyesight, beautiful voice and strong character.  I almost couldn’t believe her.  She told me that her son is 71 this year.  Her secret?  Chamomile tea?  That encounter impacted me so much that I had to dig deeper into Chamomile.

Tell me more about this gorgeous flower and what are the amazing properties it has to offer!!?

After all of my discoveries, I concluded that drinking Organic Chamomile Tea on a regular basis was a definite must. (I add a cut of fresh Organic Ginger Root and a squeeze of fresh Organic Lemon too)  But I also have to add it to Simply My Swank Body Care!  That was an absolute must!

Roman Chamomile Oil is an awesome essential oil with so many healing and nutrient filled elements.  From its cancer fighting, stress reducing, virus attacking, soothing, heart healthy and acne fighting elements, it can’t be denied that Chamomile Oil is a superior essential oil.  It’s an absolute powerhouse just like my 91 year old Chamomile-loving friend told me about while at the grocery store.  I am so proud and honored to add it to my Body Care Line.

Oh Honey, Wait till you read this.

The Facial and Body Cleanser was the proverbial thorn in my side as I developed my body care line.  I have tried so many failed recipes that I started to get frustrated.  I gave it to God so many times.  Asked for His guidance and trusted that He would eventually guide me to the right solution.

I was blessed with His Grace.  My Biblical mind thought – “they were blessed with the land of milk and honey.”  HONEY?  With it’s naturally occurring antibacterial properties and thousand of years preserving qualities…thank you God.  I was truly blessed with that great idea.

I knew that I wanted to have really healthy humectants (natural moisture protector) in my Body Care.  Honey and Aloe are my #1 choices because they have the most balanced pH levels with our skin. Balance is the philosophy and lifestyle of Simply My Swank.  Everything in life must be in moderation and balance.

Natural Humectants are necessary in protecting and sealing in the natural, healthy and necessary oils in our skin.  They are our awesome God-given “force fields” for our skin that keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff out.  Perfect!

The focus for protecting my skin was trying to keep everything in balance.  Everything in balance is the healthiest way to exist (in my opinion).  I needed to balance my hormones, my (pH) acid levels and then eliminate exposure to harmful chemicals and maintain my moisture.  Balance, cancel and maintain.  Do you agree?

Our skin is the body’s largest endocrine (balances and produces sex hormones) organ.  It is super important to keep our endocrine system nurtured.  I believe that Simply My Swank Body Care can assist in achieving optimal balance. Healthy balanced decisions lead to healthy and balanced Simply My Swank lifestyles!

Raw and Unrefined Honey is my favorite ingredient in the facial and body cleanser. The Fantastic enzymes that are in raw and unrefined honey are great for our skin and will cleanse and heal broken and dry skin.  It contains natural anti-bacterial properties that will naturally fight infection and disease causing bacteria and viruses.  Honey is an awesome addition, a powerful ingredient and a major factor in Simply My Swank AllNatural Body Care line.

Unrefined and Raw Honey is not recommended for children under the age of 1.  Please do not use this on your skin if you are a baby.  Moms, that goes for you if you are breast feeding.  Double Duh.

Castor Oil? 

What’s that and why is that good for my skin? It sounds a lot like gasoline… 

Actually, castor oil is an awesome natural humectant.  Castor oil is a multi-purpose vegetable oil that people have used for thousands of years. It’s made by extracting oil from the seeds of the Ricinus Communis plant.  It’s used all over the world for many different purposes.  It has great benefits for your skin as well!

It has a beautiful, thick consistency and isn’t greasy which makes it a perfect choice for natural body care! I love it for hair products, because it makes your hair silky smooth without making it greasy.  According to Healthline: Jillian Kubala, MS, RD Ricinoleic acid, the main fatty acid found in castor oil, has impressive anti-inflammatory properties.

Castor Oil Precautions

  • It’s used by medical professionals to induce birth. For this reason, women at all stages of pregnancy should avoid consuming castor oil

Lavender Oil is great for burns? 

Yeah, we all know that Lavender is a great oil, especially if you have trouble relaxing or getting sleep.  The smell of Lavender is enchanting, but it also has other great benefits as well.  It’s been a popular addition to natural hair care products for it’s nurturing stimulation and antimicrobial properties.

Lavender is a great oil for nurturing and aiding burns and wounds.  It’s a perfect addition for any body care line!

Vitamin E is for Excellent! 

According to WebMD, Vitamin E is key for strong immunity and healthy skin and eyes. In recent years, vitamin E supplements have become popular as antioxidants. These are substances that protect cells from damage. 

Vitamin E is an addition to any skin care lotion.  According to Healthline – Topical vitamin E is available in cream form and as an oil for topical use. It’s added to many cosmetic products, including anti-aging creams, eye serums, sunscreens, and makeup.

Vitamin E easily absorbs into skin. Topical use via creams or other products may increase the amount of vitamin E stored within the sebaceous glands.

Products that contain both vitamin E and vitamin C may be less likely to dissipate quickly if exposed to UV light. An animal study reported in Nutrition and Cancer indicated that topical use of vitamin E reduced acute and chronic skin damage caused by UV irradiation.

While vitamin E oil is very thick and hard to spread on skin, it can make an excellent moisturizer for dry, patchy areas of skin. Products containing vitamin E as an ingredient may be easier to apply for overall use on skin. Problem areas that are very dry, such as the cuticles and elbows, might benefit from topical application of vitamin E oil.

Many vitamin E supplements come in the form of capsules that can be broken open and used directly on dry areas.

Argan Oil from Morocco 

Argan Oil is an awesome oil and I have been using it on my hair forever.  I love the way it makes my hair feel moisturized without making it greasy.

According to Cathy Wong: Argan oil is a natural product sourced from the kernels of the Argania spinosa tree (a species native to Morocco). Rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants (including vitamin E, polyphenols, linoleic acid, and sterols), argan oil is often marketed as an anti-aging aid for the skin. 

Cucumber Seed Oil 

Cucumber Seed Oil is my favorite oil of all time.  I am desperately searching for mass quantities of this oil and I have yet to find it.  This awesome oil is a powerhouse and here is why!  

According to MUN skincare:

Using Cucumber Seed Oil

  • A diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Soothed and reduced acne
  • Reduced redness and irritation
  • Alleviation from sunburn
  • Increased firmness and elasticity
  • Lightened sunspots 

Tea Tree Oil

This is a worker oil.  I say this because it does so many awesome things!  Read more about tea tree oil on  Tea tree oil

Peppermint Oil 

I love the way Peppermint smells, and the cooling sensation I feel when I use this awesome essential oil.  I find it really refreshing.  Read more about this awesome oil, According to Lybrate.

Aloe Vera Gel

 Aloe Vera Gel is very well known as an awesome natural healing ointment and that is why it’s a must-have for daily body care.  The healing properties of this awesome succulent make it a super-duper primary ingredient for Simply My Swank body care.  Southern California has the special benefit that aloe vera plants grow rapid here!  I made sure I planted a bunch of my own aloe plants on my property when I started this body care line.  I love Aloe!

Aloe actually has the perfect pH levels for human skin.  Isn’t that cool?  The perfect 4.5, right on the mark.  With all of its awesome other stuff, it’s a feel good part of Simply My Swank Body Care!

Read more about Aloe Vera on Everyday

Lemon Oil

I love lemon oil.  The value of lemon oil is grossly underrated.  Hello lemons, we love you and we thank you for all of the following: 

According to Organic Facts:

Baking Soda

Thanks baking soda, thanks for making my pits no longer smell like funky monkeys.  I appreciate you, I love you and thank you for what you do.   

Healthline states:

Struggling to find a deodorant that works for you? Skip the drugstore and formulate your own that’s perfectly tailored to your preferences and biochemistry. Homemade deodorant won’t stop you from sweating, but it will help you stop the source of odor, which is bacteria.


I love using beeswax in my recipes because it is a great natural humectant and it actually allows our skin to breath.  Other unnatural barriers in cosmetics do not allow or skin to breathe and that’s super unhealthy. Also, it is a WAX, not an oil, so there is no scary saturated fat issues to worry about.  It is a natural barrier against harmful elements that can injure our skin too! Sweet!  Beeswax has awesome natural vitamin A too, thank you bees, for giving us this awesome product to use and enjoy.  You truly are champions of this earth!

Organic Cinnamon

I love the smell of cinnamon, it is so refreshing and happy.  Cinnamon has some major benefits to our skin.  It’s invigorating and get’s the blood flowing. My life-long love of cinnamon and its powerhouse skin benefits make it a must-have ingredient in my body care.

According to Healthline: Cinnamon has a plethora of wonderful benefits and the natural plumping effect it brings from gentle surface stimulation is why I love to use it on my skin.  Blood is very healing and a gentle blood stimulation or bringing blood to the surface of the skin is super exciting, especially when it comes to my lips.  I’d do anything to counteract the daily deflating that is happening to those precious pucker uppers.  Thanks cinnamon, I love how you smell, I love how you taste and I love having you on my lips.  Keep up the good work.

Organic Ginger

I love Ginger.  It is a powerful antioxidant and I drink it in my chamomile tea all the time.  It is a wonderful addition to my body and facial wash.

According to Reader’s Digest:

“Ginger has been revered as an anti-aging ingredient in both Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for thousands of years,” says Punnapuzha. “The antioxidants present in ginger increases collagen production, reduce skin damage, and inflammation.” Ginger has also been known to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation (dark blotches of skin).

 I want to ask a couple questions before I go.

  1. Do you think that Body Care requires chemicals to be effective?
  2. Does your deodorant work for you?
  3. Does your skin require moisturizer after you shower?
  4. Do you feel frustrated using your body care products?
  5. Do they make you feel special?
  6. Do you like that they last for years and years on your shelf?
  7. Would you rather have fresh products to use on your skin?
  8. Do you agree that toxic chemicals shouldn’t be placed on our body’s largest organ?
  9. Do you think that the Lymphatic System is important?
  10. Do you think that Sebum plays a major role in protecting our skin?
  11. Do you think that Hormone Disruption plays an important role in premature aging?
  12. Do you believe in a natural way of caring for your body?
  13. Do you have sensitivity to any products?

Well, there you go.  My list of “why I use these products” could go on forever.  I love all the natural varieties of ingredients that are available and attainable.  I enjoy creating and designing.  I love making healthy decisions.  I love using ingredients that are so rich in nutrients and ready to be used to cleanse, nurture and care for our skin and compliment the way God designed it.

I choose to care for my skin in a natural way.  If that is your choice too, then hop on board.  I appreciate your time, your support and your generosity.  If you love my stuff, then share it with a friend that you love too.  Maybe they want to life a more natural life and make healthy, natural body care choices too!  

Thanks for reading, I’m going to say goodbye now. God bless you every single day.  

Simply My Swank

by Katie Swank

“Get to the point, 

How much does this stuff cost, Katie?”

By Katie Swank


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