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Kick The Stink Tuesday

Simply My Swank All Natural Deodorant!

links to purchase included in text!

I’m ashamed to tell you

that I stink, yes, it’s bad

It’s creating a kink

No, other’s aren’t glad.


People in shock

I enter a room

looking around

they all go zoom

some duck for cover

noses go scrunchy

someone just gagged

don’t I feel crunchy?


Casually shrug

results from my funk

I’m so aware

of my armpit’s gross gunk

My funk is so gross

I smell really bad

but don’t tell me,

Go tell your dad.


I need a solution

here is the truth

Stop being stinky?

I need a sleuth!

A genius just told me

Here’s what to do

use Simply My Swank

the results are so true!


I used it one morning

and to my delight

those stinky pits left me

the left and the right!

I kicked the stink,

my gross septic tanks,

I was tired of gross

I was tired of rank!


This was the solution

that I was looking for

Simply My Swank

I didn’t need more.

I love this deodorant

that actually works

nothing else compares

except for the looks

of surprised people

that pass by my way

and don’t smell my funk

like they did yesterday!


Listen Jane, Listen Joe!

Use it each day

and you two will find

Your stink go away

no one will run

when you raise your arms

no noses will feel

in fear of your “charms”


I used to stink

I used to smell

Now all is well

and now, oh my goodness,

I dare to tell

with truth and such care

Simply My Swank

The only deodorant to wear!


Kick Your Stink Tuesday


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