Christian Mom

Sick at Christmas

Here you are

Sick today

Others shopping

Out at play

You feel bad

You are here

And you’re heavy

Full of fear

Let them down

Ruin the mood

Always there

Made the food

Wrapped the presents

Played the games

Sang the songs

Remembered the names

Wrote them down

So they could see

What they got

Under the tree

Now you’re sick

And all those things

Won’t be done

Untied strings

Sit and worry

Makes things worse

Sick is such

A horrid curse.

Christmas Eve

Cuddled up

In your gown

Sips a cup

Yummy tea

Music on

Thinks about

Christmas dawn.

Hears a sound

Looks outside

Sees some lights

Love abide!

Sees the faces

Sees the bows

Happy singing

Family knows

You are sick

Loves you most

Christmas comes

They will host!

Made the food

Gifts are wrapped

Games are set

They adapt!

You can toast

With family cheer

Made it better,

Sick this year.

Best present

Favourite thing

Family love

Is what they bring

She forgot

She was sick

Forgot her pain

And all the ick

Family came

Took it away

Gave her love

Joy, it stays.

Christmas time

Is here so soon

Love reminds us,

Make some room

To cherish those

That aren’t so well

Hold them close

Whisper, tell

We love you

Don’t you fear

We are here

We are near.

Sick will come

And sick will go

We are here

So you know

That family helps

Family reigns

Here when you

Have lots of pains

Love made better

They were here

Thank you all

You’re oh, so dear

Thank you Christmas


Thank you Christmas

So full of bliss

Hearts are full

Bellies too

Thank you Jesus

Love you too!

I’m holding my daughter as I write this rhyme. She is sleeping soundly in my arms. She has a fever and is so sick, yet, she still pushes through to enjoy as much of the Christmas joy and happiness as she can!

I feel sad that she is sick at Christmas. It’s so important to be here for her as family to make her feel better as soon as possible. That’s our mission.

The rhyme unraveled as I wrote. I thought of this sad little character who is so sick at Christmas. Her Family loves her and made her forget, isn’t that the best gift when your not well? To simply forget that you are in pain? Forget the Hurting? Embrace joy!

I pray that if you are sick this time of year that friends and family hold you close and let you know how special you are. God bless you all. Merry Christmas!

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