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A simple letter, written for you.


Organized letters

set up in a way

Creating a picture

expressing a say

Creating a word

with historical weight

Designing them all

not knowing their fate

Setting them up

in neat little rows

Creating a story

so everyone knows

The thoughts in my mind

expressing non-stop

Releasing myself

from exploding now, pop!

Typing with fingers

that listen, obey

To what my mind

is trying to say


Spaces between

give me time to unbend

Unkink a story

and so gently mend

Some wrinkles the past

has grown on my face

Memories clouded

now clear and erase

Some bumps and some bruises

that made me so strong

And now I am ready

to type this new song

Words written down

in this place that’s so vast

Crowded by letters

of everyone’s past

time lapse photography of mountain
Photo by Samir Belhamra @Grafixart_photo on Pexels.com


My words are still here

waiting to be read

They sit on this shelf

inside of my head

They wait strong and ready

to be written one day

Once they are out

they just want to play

Inside of your head

as your eyes read the page

And then they do sit

upon your own stage

people on arena with lighted stage
Photo by Wendy Wei on Pexels.com

I wish I could sit

in an audience chair

And see what my stories

tell while they are there

I’ll tell you what, Reader,

I pray they are good

And make a great change

the way that they should

Cause I prayed for this chance

for a really long time

To make a great impact

who knew it’d be rhyme?

I never thought one day

because of my past

That my words would be written

in a forum to last

Who knew that I’d sit

right here in this chair

And write down some things

to make people aware

Of God and His love

a new life to live

With hope and a future

that eternity gives

Time without pain

or hurt and no tears

A soul born and ready

with no knowledge of years

A place that exists

within you, and yes, me

We all are searching

for purpose, you see

Who knew that writing

was mine all along

I love that it’s rhyming

and that I was so wrong

Cause it brought me right here

where I can just say

All of the things

that God brings my way

And when I am done

when my fingers stop typing

and I read what I wrote

in shock, I start wiping

My brow cause relief

is what I reveal

Sometimes when I read

a really big feel

I don’t know how the words

came out like they did

All that I know

is that I am God’s kid

And He works in a way

that surprises me, yes,

And he loves me enough

to clean up my great mess

And give me a reason

to keep on every day

As long as I look

to Him and just pray.


Thank you, Dear God,

for what writing brings

It makes me feel happy

it takes away stings


I pray that the words

that You give me inside

Are written just right

so that others won’t hide

When You come and You call them

to do their life’s work

Give them the strength

and don’t let them lurk

Down in dark dumps

of sin and the past

And give them Great Hope

the kind that does last.

clouds weather sunlight sunrays
Photo by Torsten Dettlaff on Pexels.com

So now, my Dear Reader

I love this, I do

I hope you can see

as I write this to you.

The words I have written

are here just for you

My heart, is so open

thank you so much

For always supporting

and doing so much.


Here are the words

I wrote down today

Now they are written

and now they all play

For all of existence

for all those to see

Some thoughts from a tiny

little ol’ me.


Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 8.20.56 AM



A humble thank you letter for sharing my stories and supporting me the way you do.  God is so good, all the time!


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