Christian Mom

The Sharpest Edge

The sound ignites

an adrenaline feel

The sharpest edge

such powerful steel

It slices through

a frozen mass

And allows a speed

I need to last.

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 8.43.52 AM.png

My feet, they burn

with new reward

The pain is forgotten

just like before

The time I spent

learning to slice

Through the learning

through the ice

Now I command

two powerful blades

And my feet rejoice

for the practice made

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 8.44.55 AM.png

It molded my stature

into this man

They say only champions

can withstand

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 8.48.39 AM.png

my hands they hold

a flexible tool

that performs a goal

I command to rule

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 8.50.46 AM.png

the opposing force

feels apprehension

when they see me stand

with such contention

my eyes are set

on where they stand

I already know

where my feet my hands

will move to make

an ultimate goal

and set the standards

for others to tole

and work and strive

to be like this

a champion now

I taste the bliss

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 8.51.50 AM.png

Time stands still

for a second that’s split

my eyes take in

so I’ll never forget

steam is rising

from inside my gear

thump, my heart

I know it’s near

determination descends

upon my brow

and I lower my shoulders

ready, now.

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 8.54.11 AM.png

all they say

and all they see

was a terrible force

yes, that was me

the wind passing

force blowing

past my ears

tears flowing

passion fills

my exploding heart

this is it!

I am a part

of this awesome game

not many will play

a champion now

I will always stay

unstoppable, see?

ice submit to my stance

I command this role

legs powerful dance

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 8.55.58 AM

the rhythm of sound

speed increases

I skid, almost stop

and silence ceases

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 8.59.05 AM.png

My arms stretch back

slice through the air

then slingshot straight

smashing force so aware

the puck flies fast

spins on it’s way

the net submits

this is a moment I play

inside of my head

Only I can repeat

The feeling inside

nothing can beat

I let out a sound

not many have heard

my arms raised high

and I spin around

my teammates roar

with triumphant glee

Smiling we chant

celebrating victory

we feel the force

This Is Hockey

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 9.03.58 AM.png

*photos from the Hockey Hall of Fame google search*

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