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Workout! Do and Do Not!

Working out has been a passion of mine my whole entire life.  I love it.  I always considered myself fit and I loved working out at the gym.  I would get butterflies in my tummy on my way to the gym in the morning, so excited and ready for those happy endorphins.  There is no better addiction!

Since having the babies, working out has changed a lot.  I have adapted the way I think about fitness.  I was always motivated by the competition that the gym provided.  Everyone was in the same boat and I was the captain!  I can’t go to the gym like I used to. The mental part of fitness was my greatest champion.  The desire to compete lives so strong inside me.  Now I had no one to compete with.

Competing with myself was a brand new thing, and it really wasn’t working for me.  I’d start working out, get a few consistent days under my belt, and just get bored.  I had no inspiration.  I always scoffed at video workouts.  I never understood them.  Now I am FORCED to accept what they offer.  Excitingly, I now consider them the greatest workout tool I have.  I can compete with them!  They motivate me!  I am not working out by myself anymore, I can workout with them, modify the workouts and compete again!

There are so many great videos out there.  And as with anything I do, I weed out the ones that I don’t like.  Here’s my list of ,YES, I love!

The aspects I look for in a great workout video.

  1. Here’s the real truth! I don’t want to get to know you, I don’t want to know your name, talk about the workout, or know your background.  I just want to get right into the video.  I did’t click on the video to make a new best friend.  You are only there as competition.  Just like the gym, I didn’t go to make friends, I went there as your biggest competitor.  I wanted to win, to beat you at your game and be better than you.
  2. I want great music in the background.  I love music that motivates me and gets my blood flowing.
  3. I want quick transitions, 30 second intervals are perfect for me.
  4. Time is of the essence! I can’t be working out for hours on end like I used to. 10 minute workouts are great, and all I need if they are intense enough.  If I have more time, I can repeat them too, so 10 minute workouts are what I typically look for.

I’ll exit a video is breathy talk really, really fast.  I enjoy being excited, positive and happy!  Working out isn’t a therapy session, it’s an adrenaline rush!  YEAH!

So, my lovely readers, I will share some videos that I love and motivate me.  If you are anything like me you will love them too.

I pray we all work towards the best goals.  I want to motivate, have healthy competition and feel healthy inside.  I feel like I have that in my daily routine then I can shine God’s light even stronger.  A depressed and negative Christian can really put a damper on the love that God provides. Working out is a great healthy tool to exude happy endorphins, a great attitude, and a focus on caring for myself first and then others.

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