Hard work

worked so hard

fingers sore

back is breaking

legs so wore

never felt


pain is burning

joints, they sing

ouch you say

thats so sore

never felt

like this before

shakes his head

getting old

wasn’t like this

truth be told

energy fades

just like the sun

day is setting

work is done

sighs out loud

that was great

feels relief

heavy weight

another day

honest man

tries so hard

does all he can

pays the bills

loves his wife

loves his kids

they’re his life

wrinkled face

loving lines

blessed family

happy times

God is good

loves the Lord

heavier still

his reward

Things we hard

there at the first

made him tough

lesson’s curse

taught a strength

he would need

never brought

to his knees

stood up tall

fought so hard

now he plays

an aces card

Working hard

with his hands

actions louder

Than words command

makes a name

where’er he goes

Dustin Swank

everyone knows

No greater is

a man before

My best friend

love and adore

Until the moon

Doesn’t shine

until the words

have no rhyme

until the wind

doesn’t blow

until the shadow

doesn’t show

until the water

becomes dry

until the end

I lovingly sigh

My heart is full

of love for you

and I’ll stay faithful

I’ll stay true

You work so hard

I will too

work is healthy

It’s what we do

keeps us close

to the Lord

no better blessing

Love’s great reward.










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