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Cash, The Brave

My son is a legend

Just like his dad

He lives every moment

As if he just had

30 plus years

To master each skill

Yet, he was just born

Oh man, how I will

Have to lift up my hands

And give it to Him

Cause man he is crazy

Conquering fear with a whim


Fear, what is that?

He has no clue

He lives every moment

Doing all he can do.


Here is my son,

My champion boy

A small glimpse inside

His life, full of joy


The first thing he grabs

When he wakes from his bed

Hockey stick and a ball

And he smashes it ahead

It lands where he wants it

And comes back to him

Good morning mom,

Walking past with a grin

I love him so much,

The cutest lil’ face.

God broke every mold

And blessed me with grace

When he entrusted me

With that fuzzy guy

Oh man, do I love him

Again he goes by

But now, with a bike

He has been riding since 2

With confidence oozing

Look what he can do


Anything he tries

Is great right away

With no fear, no doubt

Obstacles are just play

And play is not scary

Not to my lil’ guy

He’ll jump off a mountain

N’ fly through the sky

And land in the water

It’s what he will do

Height is no matter

And this is so true,

When you have a dad

That soars everyday

Height is no thing

I love it, he’d say


Don’t miss out on fun

Just try it at least

My little sweet man

Living life like a beast!


He throws that ‘lil leg

Over a throaty dirt bike

And rips through the gravel

His new passionate like

Ripping the throttle

Sending up dust

Desperate for air

No fear, only trust

‘Cause dad is right there

With proud pearly grin

And nothing can happen

When he’s there with him

Only joy everlasting

Thing One and Thing Two

The apple didn’t fall

It just sprouted and grew

Right from the stem

They are fused with God’s glue

And what God put together

They can’t undo.


Inside of his head

He thinks constantly

Of what he can do

To go fast as can be

I want to go fast

as fast as I can

The feet that God gave me

Empowers a plan


Push harder

Ride faster

Live harder

Goal blaster


At four, just imagine

Speed fuels his true joy

What life will be like

For this little boy


He popped on some skates

After watching his dad

And knew he could master

With all that he had

The blades and the ice

He shrugged off with no mind

All that he wanted

Was not to be left behind

His hero was skating

So he would skate too

Talented junior

Look at what he can do

Sending new snow

To fall back to the ice

And masters the edges

Each powerful slice

He has no idea

How hard this should be

‘Cause he has been skating

Since he just turned three.


I look at you, son,

Love grows every day

I thank God so much

That he sent you my way

You teach me so much

With your life full of fun

To Simply let go

The game’s already won

The champion mind

Sees only the end

The victory is their’s

So give it, and send

Passionate fuel

To all that you do

You see your result

To your own self, be true

Let go of the things

That hold back true joy

That’s life to the fullest

Just like my young boy

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