What does 2021 Mean?

Have you ever wondered what day it is, what time it is? Lately it’s been tough for me to keep track of the days, they all seem to blend in and are rushing by faster than I ever knew they could.

They say time flies when you are having fun, so that must be a good thing.

Anyway, back on topic. 2021 is our New Year, And is the most significant topic when speaking of time. You may forget the day or not know the hour, but pretty much everyone on the planet knows what year they are in. But, what does the year mean? Why is it 2021? Anyone know the answer?

It’s 2021 years after the birth of Jesus. Yup. To all you skeptics out there that think that your God is greater, you are wrong. The essence of time is based on Jesus’ birth. He is so important that the year 2021 is counted from the day he was born.

Jesus is the only true Son of God. He is so important that time stopped and started again on the day he came here. Mic drop.

Thou shalt have no other Gods before me – one of the 10 commandments.

If you think too hard about it, you will honestly break your brain. Life is simple. You live, you love, you die. In the middle, I pray you love God, that you repent of your sin and you follow Him. I pray that you think about this New Year with hope, with joy and with surrender. The Lord, who sent His Son, 2021 years ago is alive and well. He loves you and He wants you to choose Him.

Say this prayer.

Dear Lord Jesus, I know about you. I know this year means that you were born 2021 years ago and then 33 years later you died to save me. You took my sin and wiped it clean so I can spend eternity with you in Heaven. You conquered death to prove that you have power over it and you are alive and well today. I am so thankful that you did that and I accept you as my Lord and Saviour. Please forgive me of my sin and wash me clean just like you promised. I love you Jesus. Please help me be more like you. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

This world is broken – we are all so painfully aware of that. Now it is time to heal – one person at a time. Imagine the blessings on blessings as the world turns back to Jesus and we stop denying him. I pray that this is what we will experience in this new year.


came and went

We are feeling

Such resent

Blame the year

For trouble caused

Won’t look back

For a single pause

To say sorry

To everyone

‘Cause you were

The one so wrong

You deny

The guy in charge

You say “no“

With words so large

You say – I

Am better than

The Creater

Of you, a man

That is like

Your only son

Telling you, dad

You weren’t the one

I can choose

Who is my dad

So get lost

With words so mad

It is sick

What sin has taught

This last year

what is wraught

When you push

The guy in charge

you “got this”

Ego so large

So I beg

Of all of you

Make this year

Much better, do

Bring back Jesus

Heal our land

Heart to heart

And hand in hand

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