Sisters in Christ – Our Prayer

Mark 8:36

And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?

Praise the Lord for a new day. A renewal of our faith and a life lived without fear of the future.

We are so so blessed sisters. We are not alone. God is building HIS army right now. I am so thankful that I stand beside all of you. We are revived! Spiritual prayer warriors and leaders of the next generation of Christian soldiers.

Dear Lord.

Here we are. Sisters in Christ. I pray that you would fill us with your power. Ignite the Holy Spirit within us to be so much less of who we are and so much more of YOU!

We rebuke the enemy! We rebuke him in YOUR name sweet Jesus! We command him to leave our homes, to leave our families and we focus our minds in complete meditation on you and your Word! It is alive and well!! We worship You – alive and well and listening! Praise your name!!!

Thank you Jesus for building diamonds from the ashes of who we once were. Just 9 months ago I was not this woman. This rebirth in You – I wouldn’t change for anything. I am thankful for the persecution. I am thankful for the quarantine. I am thankful for being slammed to my knees.

Praise you Jesus. Please – like Paul – let me be used 100% for your glory. Let me be used to further your kingdom. Please bless me with your wisdom please Jesus. That is all I ask. Please bless me with wisdom!!

In Jesus’ Name Amen
Praise the Lord!


    • The Bible teaches us to pray. The Spirit is alive and well and prayer is our direct connection to the Lord. He is Omnipotent and loves us and calls us His children. We will never forsake us. We will remain faithful and our reward is eternal. Praise His powerful name! Thank you for encouraging me and praying with me. Where 2 or more are gathered – He Is there! 💕☺️✝️


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