Do Not Complain – Be Active!

How many times have you told your child to stop complaining? Perspective. How many times have you encouraged them to keep trying when they attempt life and fail. Learning. How many times would you pick them back up when they fall? Eternal. How far does your love extend for them? Unending.

When all hope seems lost, you have to give yourself proper perspective. God commands his people to stop complaining. Philippians 2:14 – Do all things without murmurings and disputings: Stop your murmuring. When His will is activated, which it is right now, was yesterday and is tomorrow. When nothing is making sense, we as humans, complain.

We tend to complain all the time. It is a beautiful sunny day – Californians complain, “wish there was a break in the sunny days, we’ve had too many. It’s too hot for January.” Others complain as the gorgeous blankets of snow wrap everything in beauty – too cold to do anything. You make a lot of money – hate the taxes. Don’t make any money – hate the bills. We complain about everything.

Complaining distracts us from God’s Will. It assumes that we know greater, and we verbally spew our opinion about what we don’t understand. What we don’t understand. What we don’t understand. Get what I’m saying?

Are you trying to figure things out right now? Do you take every second of your life dissecting current events of the day? Only then, to take crumbled bits of misinformation, fuse them together in jumbled mess and then spew that out to every neighbor-friend you have. Attempting to figure out what is going on right now is assassin. It’s absolutely crazy. I don’t want to hear any more of it. Complaining is even crazier. Please know I am speaking to myself.

Ephesians 4:29 – Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.

It is so easy to complain. It’s a lot smarter, healthier and gratifying to activate yourself into the complain. It’s too sunny? Go to the beach – enjoy it. It’s too cold? Then make a snowman, slide down a hill and drink hot chocolate. Don’t like taxes? Too bad, you’ll die too. Don’t like bills? Get up and do something about it. It’s so easy to complain. It’s a lot harder to solution-a-fie your life. Solution-a-fie.

You watch your child take the first active attempts toward crawling. They stretch out their arms and pull their enormous head off the floor. You scream in delight! Yay! Then they bring their chubby legs under themselves and even more joy! Next they pull themselves up to stand – ! WOW ! Take their first steps and they have mastered life – you need the world to know!

And now you complain. They are into everything. They run from you, they hide, they fall and hurt themselves….complain.

Gone is the joy of your shared success and now you drown in misery as the greatest-success-to-date has made you the most miserable mom around.


When God told Noah to build a boat, a massive cruise ship in the middle of dry land, with no water close by, and people tormented him night and day for 100 years, don’t you think he heard enough. He was surrounded by sinners. Think about it. He was the only one chosen – him and his relatively small family – in the whole world to live through a global flood. Imagine the torment. Plus, he was building a boat. Dang. What a crazy person, what a difficult task on top of being tormented.

All around him sin was disgusting. Yet, he was faithful. He knew God. He didn’t complain when the most ridiculous thing in the world was happening. He had a mission. He completed it. He lived and you are a direct descendant of him. Nuts.

Whatever is going on in the world today, it is way beyond what you can begin to understand. It is global just like the flood. I assume God is upset, and He is actively solving a problem.

I know what we can do. We can stop complaining and start actively placing ourselves into the complain. We can start communicating support to those that need us most. We can start writing emails and letters that tell those in the government – that are seemingly a minority right now – that we appreciate them. We voted for them. We support them. We can offer help. We can volunteer our time. That is what we can do to help the world. It needs to start small.

Remember that the Republic is not dead, it is broken though. We need to fix it.

When you look at your messy house do you leave it and go to a clean house? No, you start to clean, start small, you pick up that one dirty dish, and then the next and fix the problem, one item at a time. Next thing you know, you turn around and the mess is gone – and you don’t stop do you? You keep cleaning cause the kids and the husband messed it all up again – we are not designed to stop cleaning up messes, raising our children and nurturing. Extend your nurturing nature to your local government – to your law enforcement officers.

We appointed them. Don’t for one second thing that the republic is dead. It is here. It is broken – but how do you know something needs to be fixed if it isn’t broken. We need to work. If your car breaks, do you just shrug your shoulders and wait for a mechanic to walk past your house and volunteer to fix it? Or do you call a tow truck, get it to the shop, hire a professional, get it fixed, pay for the parts, hire a rental car, wait for it to be fixed, pick it up, and accomplish the goal. We fix the problem. We need to offer help in the fixing. Do you know why? Because we appointed them, they are struggling, and they need our support.

So I encourage you. Moms of the world, nurturing, beautiful, loving superwomen of today. Be strong and of good courage. Seek out those that need your loving words, your prayers, a batch of cookies, a gesture of kindness – direct it at our government, our police officers. Bring your children to the local government office and just say hi. Tell them you love them and show them your support. Go to the local law enforcement office and bring them baked goods, tell them you love them and thank them for protecting your children. Tell them your name. Make yourself real. Let them know the faces of the people they protect – the innocent, the deserving. Encourage them, and they will in turn, encourage you.

We are relevant. We are Christian women and we can DO. God gave us the capacity to be Esther. Gently inserting ourselves to – with wisdom, meditation and gentle words – yet brave, daring and courageously – self sacrificially – going forth to solve problems. To help fix broken parts. That is relevant and a part of your legacy. You are actively teaching your sons and daughters to activate! WIN!

So get up. Get out there. I wrote an email to my local government official Christopher Rodriguez last night. He is a former marine, a dad of 6, a husband and a man who is fighting to save local small businesses. His mission is fantastic, its overwhelming and its in need of prayer. God is greater than the boogeyman, y’all. He lives in the reality of success – He has never failed and He never will. Anyone who doubts that is just nuts. I’m not sorry for saying that.

Please be praying, start today. Go online and see who is in council at your local government. Support them today by writing down all their names and pray for them on a daily basis. Let them know you are doing so. Email them. Tell them your names. Ask if you can help them. Type out your prayer for them and email it so that you can pray together.

I promise you this. You are here on purpose. You are reading this now because that is what you were designed to do. Nothing is by accident. So now that you know what you have to do, start your action. Please stop complaining. God is great in mercy, he is gracious and we all need to be less of us and more of Him. It is blasphemy to do the opposite. He knows what is going on. He is immersed in it, trust that for certain. If it is too strange or overwhelming to figure out then it is God. Stop trying to be God.

Dear Lord, I pray for this nation. I pray for all of the Christians in this country that you would ignite a fire within us to be called to action. To begin great works for you. To start speaking in the Light of Your Great Love. Let us submit to Your Will. Let us be messengers of faith, love and support. Please unite us as Esthers of today – for such a time as this. Let us use the talents we have towards good. Let our tongues speak of faith and trust and not complaining and weakness. Please give us strength to do the missions you have called us to achieve. Bless us as we raise our children to love you and to do Your Will as well. Bless our local government and our law enforcement. Gentle their spirits to the hate and the discouraging words they have been hearing. Please open their hearts to their great missions of protection and self-sacrifice. I pray that you would bring more God-fearing men and women to those positions and that we would once again be a nation that seeks “In God we Trust”. We love you so much Jesus. Thank you for the greatest sacrifice that allows us to live with you in heaven for eternity. We thank you for loving us that much. We ask all these things in your Precious Name, Amen.


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