How UNCOMFORTABLE are you willing to be? It can go one way or another.

I wonder how uncomfortable it would be to live in a house with one room, have 12-15 children, have no running water, no electricity, no grocery store, no vehicle, no medical system, nothing but your own grit to get you through the day. Let me give you context.

I am teaching my daughter about the pilgrims in school right now, we are doing comparative study. What-would-your-rather, type talk, I’m so pumped when the response is “Mommy school” every time, like they are complimenting me. They choose our life instead of Pilgrim life. I don’t know, it is really a compliment when you compare our situation to that? Hummm…

Life was tough, but they made it! They got through, had the next generation of kids, thrived in spite of disappearing. Generations later, look at us. We survived the trip across the ocean, the bleak optimism that got them through each difficult day. It’s true grit.

No matter what you are struggling with right now, you beautiful reader, no matter what. God. Is. Here. You have the grit you need to get through. There is Power in the Name of Jesus. Call out to Him. Just say Help! Dear Lord, Please Help me. I cry out to you. Today, I need you. I’ve been trying to do this on my own and I can’t. Please carry me through today.

I want to dissect Grit for a minute. I capitalize it cause it’s a big thing for me right now. I want to actively be supporting the right cause. I discussed this with my husband last night and it was so eye-opening to know that I am a trend-setter. 5 years ago, I – ME – deleted all social media, I have survived in this world for 5 years without a profile picture. I am a real-life surviver. So, if I can do this and thrive, so can you.

I also stopped buying things from Amazon in July 2020 – before it was super popular to do so. I did this because I really didn’t like how much money that guy Jeff had. It is such a corrupt thing – in that way too much capacity and I said – not me! I don’t want him to have another penny of my hard earned dollars. So, yes, I stopped buying, cancelled my account, and I survived. I get stuff at stores now. Can you believe it? I know.

So let’s regroup, cause I know I just ripped the rug out, right? I don’t have psycho media, and I don’t get Amazon packages anymore. How do I survive? True Grit.

But if I am comparing myself to the Pilgrims I’m not complimenting myself at all, am I?! Is it even Grit. It’s such a simple action in comparison. It’s so easy, it’s silly.

How do I survive? I thrive actually. I have the most amazing relationships with my friends. They call me and text me all the time. Super special and personal messages that are just for me. My day is full of real-time experiences – listening to my children talk instead of being buried in a screen – I’m not consumed with I-don’t-know-who-you-are is doing – ya see? If people aren’t in my immediate circle – or in my family – I am not filling my mind with their business everyday. It’s not healthy.

I live full of the actual life I need to be living. What a concept!

I get out of the house and I see what is really going on. I see the empty streets. I see business closing all around me. I see homeless populations thriving. I see empty beaches, empty playgrounds. I see children wearing masks. I see desperate faces pushing grocery carts through grocery stores. I see the lost, the terrified.

I don’t buy from Amazon. I get out of the house, I see life for what it is, and I am called to action.

How uncomfortable are you willing to be? I think you remember that question. I am uncomfortable now. Everything is uncomfortable. But if I continued on the path I was on, the uncomfortable feeling would just get worse. The problem would grow. That is not rational. I have to help.

I am called to encourage you. To take a small step with me towards helping and solving problems. Think about your daily life. Think about all the time you spend on your phone. The endorphins that are released the second you unlock your phone and curl up into that cozy spot on your couch or bed and you live hour after hour searching for happiness.

Happiness isn’t tied up on a screen. It is putting the dang thing down and looking around at what is really going on in your world. How fun it is to make cookies with your kids. Color with them, play legos with them. Play a game, ride a bike, go for a walk, sing a song.

Seems so simple, but there are so many of you moms that aren’t really paying attention to your miracles. You are addicted to your feed, your internet feed, your non-reality. I encourage you to take a hard look at your life and try that first step toward freedom. Grit.

So, the best part about all of this is coming. If you start to step outside of your comfort zone, and challenge yourself towards social freedom. You will actually be supporting a movement across the nation of taking back power. If you are a mom who is just fed up with being told what to do by people you don’t even know – people who want to control you even more than they do right now. I encourage you to delete your social media and stop buying stuff online – start actually talking to your friends, through calls and text – Going Classic!!! And start buying from stores in your local area.

If you get outside you will see that people out there need your help. They want to see you smile, they want to see a friendly face.

So, I just told you about all the gross stuff I see when I get outside. And is not applealing to you, so why would you do that? Let me tell you the flip-side. Not everyone is like that. Not everyone is so scared, covered up and constantly dying every second of their life from fear.

I handed out 142 “Support Local Business” letters, with information on what the Constitution is, your First Amendment rights, and I did it in person. I had no mask on and a In God We Trust t-shirt on. I walked around to people who were eating outside at restaurants, people who were sitting on benches and enjoying the Sunny California winter. I was a tiny bit intimidated at first. I didn’t know how people would receive me – no mask – my Jesus shirt on – but you know what I had – Jesus in my Heart and a smile on my face.

I was unstoppable. I only had 3 or 4 people deny me. Surprise! people were so supportive – some I was about to witness to! And most encouraged me! It was such a blessing, so happy, so life-changing. I ended up not filling other peoples hearts with hope – they filled mine to overflowing!

You think you can’t do anything. Yes. You. Can.

You can do one little thing. And then another little thing. And another. And before you know it all those little things, well, they add up. Try one little thing today. It’s on your phone too. And it’s so easy. Write an email to just one person in your local government. A councilmember. Write an encouraging email.

Just tell them your name, where you live, how long you have lived there, and tell them that you appreciate them, how you are praying for them, and how you voted, you appointed them to office and you appreciate how brave they are being to do the difficult job they are doing right now. That little something, well it just encouraged someone who is having a stressful day. It lets them know that the people they are working for appreciate them. It gets them through another day. Wow.

It also reminds them this very important fact. You are their boss.

Bet you never thought about life like that, did ya. You are a boss. You run the government, they don’t run you. For the people, by the people. And don’t you ever forget that. Amen?

President Lincoln – In the Gettysburg Address – stated this very important fact.

That these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. (Real History)

That is something isn’t it. This nation has thrived because it was established to be successful and thrive under principles that were GODLY. The constitution was written with hands calloused in faith. Lest we forget. Please Jesus, have mercy on your people, revive us in faith again. Sort out the wicked, raise up our Christian leaders. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer is powerful, and Jesus says, where 2 or more are gathered, He is there. I have noticed that when I pray for someone, and I type it out on my phone, and send it to that person, it is so much more special than just doing it on my own, in my head. You end up praying together, they read that prayer and it is a connection to heaven, straight to Jesus. Praise! Now, isn’t that something!

Start small, start encouraging, start making a difference. Moms of the world. I have seen enough. I have watched as adolescent adults make the biggest mess. It would be insane to think that this royal mess could be cleaned up in a day, but if we take on this challenge today, start cleaning up one thing at a time, before you know it, it’s not so messy anymore.

Looking at the global mess is way too overwhelming. Center ourselves, get back to the basics, now just look at my mess. My circle, my life. Now look at yours.

Your mess, your old habits are slowly forgotten, you create new, healthy ones, less time on your phone, more time in your reality. Your are healthier, stronger, more positive. You get out into the world, you start filling up the playgrounds, filling up the beaches, playing in the snow, climbing trees, going for walks, talking to neighbors, shopping at real stores, saving money, finding new talents, oh man, the list goes on.

I challenge you today to research your local government officials, pick just one name, remember it, save it. Write it down. Pray for them daily. Write them letters of love and encouragement. Start small, but start today.

Dear Lord, thank you so much for another new day. Please fill this day with love, strength, beauty and hope. We trust you Lord, we trust that you are here, you fill us with your power when we ask. I pray today that you would allow this message to be read by the right people, that we would wake up to a new calling, that we would decide today to be new in YOU. Raise us up to be Christian Soldiers, brave, ready and full of grit to accomplish the mission you set for us. Thank you for freedom, for liberty and for Justice. I pray that you would accomplish that, in your wisdom, in your time. I pray that you would open the eyes of your people. One at a time, seeing the light, knowing that – one at a time, and the light is shared and suddenly you see a nation that is awake, we are no longer in the darkness, we see the evil, we are awake to it, praise you Jesus, for being awake! Thank you for this day, thank you for sending your Only Son to die for us, to raise up on the 3rd day and live! He lives! You are alive and well, and you have taken the punishment of my sin and all sin. Thank you for that. Please forgive me in my weakness and sin, please help me be better every day, less of me and more of you. Please grant me wisdom that my mouth and my mind would speak words that are of you, and nothing of me. Let the Spirit grow within me that I would witness more to those that need to hear about your love, grace and mercy. I love you Jesus. Thank you for Heaven and for conquering death so that I will never suffer, I will be with you for eternity. Praise Your Name, all these things, always in your name, Amen.

One light lit

Dim it flames

Dancing happy

It remains

Someone walking

In the dark

Share the light

From your spark

They see too

From the light

Shoulders back

This is right

Light becomes

Perfectly lit

Darkness scared

Full of it

From the spark

Eternal flame

Here we stand

And we remain

darkness hear me

Say His name

Jesus, Lord

You must return to

where you came


YES! bring it on

That’s the light

A solder’s song

I am lit

Here me roar!

Jesus, Lord

Settle the score!

I know you

And you know me

You live within

You truly see

The Alpha, Omega

No Beginning, no end

And still You call me

Daughter, friend

So, yes, I’ll fight

And I’ll have grit!

I will write

I will get

I will pray

I will do!

I will talk

Say what’s true

I will filter

Through the mess

I will clean

I’ll do what’s best

One small thing

And then the next

When I look back

A simple text

Went out to more

Than I ever thought

And look at what

The trying brought.

More like me,

Soldiers strong

To our Jesus,

We belong.

Women, nurturing

Strong and true

Wholly committed

Lord, to YOU.

We will fight

United song

One by one

Light now strong

Guiding families

Through this life

Through the mess

And all the strife

Focused on

Truth, the WAY

Love you Jesus

Yes, today

Yes, I’ll do

What you say.

Yes, now Jesus

Your Truth, Your Way.



  1. We gave up all our accounts two years ago….and we gave up our cable 5 years ago….no tv no facebook, twitter, instwhatever…lol…all gone…we started gardening, running and all this with a well that went dry. We had to haul water from a river every day to drink and wash and exist. The LORD teaches us hard lessons sometimes but very valuable ones. We are happier, healthier and a lot less worried about all the drama going on in the world. It is a freedom like we had never known.
    God Bless and have a great day!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Wow! So inspiring. Praise the Lord that you live in freedom in the Spirit and freedom of society. Dear Lord bless us as we walk in your light! Bless us through the trials and I know you rejoice with us in our VICTORIES – because they are given to a people who are on our knees in glory for YOU!
      So, so cool to hear your story! @stainedbythespirit. God bless you too and keep on keepin on for Jesus ✝️☺️💕

      Liked by 2 people

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