My Letter to Mayor Sanchez – Oceanside California

Good Morning Mayor Sanchez,

My name is Katie Swank, my family and I love Oceanside. We watched Oceanside thrive with Mayer Weiss.  We are excited to see all you can accomplish as our new Mayor.  We want to graciously welcome you to your position as our appointed Mayor.

I would like to pray with you.  Dear Lord, Please lift up Mayor Sanchez today and please fill her with your Spirit. I pray that you will fill us full of hope, faith and love.  As we start this new day together I am thankful for prayer.  I pray that all the tasks set before Mayor Sanchez are approached with a loving and tender heart and she is able to get through your day with joy and peace.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

I am thankful that you were brave enough to run for office and that you will work for me, keeping my family safe, and all residents of Oceanside. I am thankful for the Constitution that provides all of us safety, freedom and justice.  I pray God blesses you as you guide our local government with eyes that see a city in desperate need of hope, independence and the ability to work freely without undo restriction.

I am glad that America is founded in such a way that the government does not rule the people, it is appointed – for the people, and by the people, not against us, to support us and let us thrive.

Thank you for making that your priority.  Thank you for upholding the Constitution and our First Amendment rights.  Thank you for listening to the voices of the people, for holding a light in the midst of darkness. 

We will be praying for you, supporting you and we will watch you thrive.  With God, nothing is impossible.  Praise His name.
Sincerely, Katie Swank

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