Christian Mom

I only have it because…

Excuse me please

I have remorse

What I do

Is so off course

The way I spend

My time, I hide

I don’t want to you


I guilt-filled spend

Way too much time

Creeping on

Someone else’s dime

I am so addicted

To looking at

Things that others

Post on that

Or what they think

47 likes, what luck!

With my lips all puckered

Like a quacking duck

Did I get, my ego fill?

Did they remember

Me in their will?

Did they eat

All their food?

Millions of pictures

Everyone’s good mood

Too many pictures

Of innocent kids

Who don’t want to be seen

By that creepy guy Sid

137 pictures

Of my daughter there

Yet, who is looking

In their home, in their chair?

Don’t you get it

Don’t you see

If you excuse

That thing to me

Then you aren’t proud

That you are there

If you said “I’m just”

“Or because of, their”

Or my great aunt Edna

So distant related

That just started yoga

And now just dated

The ex of my distant

Old boyfriend from school

Oh man this media

Isn’t it cool?

That info really made

My day so much better

And that is why I have it

I must not forget her.

I don’t want to let go

Of this disgusting addiction




such uses!

I love my scummy media

I love it like Golum

I’m slimy and brown

And inside so solemn

I won’t give it away

It makes me feel good

But I wont tell you I love it

Anyway, why should?

It’s private, this thing

That I have with my phone

Don’t judge me and tell me

I sit on my throne.

I’ll spend many hours

Wasting away

And giving them money

To take life away

From innocent children

That I don’t even know

And the grandkids of them

Because I won’t go

And get off my arse

And turn on the lights

So, Please take away

All of my rights

The rights that my forefathers

Died to give me

I’ll give more to the rich

Gladly, so free

Yes, take all my rights

And gaslight away

Propaganda so fresh

I love it today

Don’t tell me to get rid

Of my facebook, my life

It’s all there so I

Can ignore life’s real strife

It’s fake and I love that

The filters, control

I love that I get

To erase that gross mole.

So leave me alone

I love this sin-stunner

I only have it

To talk to my brother…..

He lives in Canada.

Let’s be real. If you have to tell me every excuse under the sun why you have social media, then you feel guilty about it and you shouldn’t have it. You just told yourself that you shouldn’t. It’s like you are a drunk and you are telling me why you only have just one more drink. It’s gross. It makes me uncomfortable and I am honestly tired of hearing it. Stop it please.

I haven’t had social media for 5 years. I think it is disgusting. Do you know why? Cause I was addicted to it. I would spend too much time looking at it and not enough time looking at my baby. I also know it is infiltrating society with nasty information that isn’t true, it causes a ton of fights in families and between friends, and gives people horrid feelings. Too much information is just gross.

My daughter is 6 and my son is 5. They don’t know what social media is. I am so proud of that!

So yeah, that’s how I feel about scummy media. Take a hard look at your life. If you excuse it, then it’s gross. If you don’t excuse it – and brag about how much you love it, then you are too far gone. Save yourself if you can. You gotta be real.

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