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Gaslighting – Get To Know Me – The Death Virus is now just an Annoying Infection? WHAT?! Numbers 32:23

gas·light – or present participle: gaslighting

  1. manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity.

I am not mad that things are getting back to normal folks. Don’t throw stones. I want more than anything for life to get to a place where hard working Americans are able to comfortably provide for themselves and their children. YET, I am so aware of how the choke hold on society is lessening so quickly now that a certain person is in charge.

Yesterday we ate at our favorite restaurant and instead of being served take out containers, we were able to sit and eat on real plates. Nothing has changed in our lives – other than the painful reminder that something was stolen.

It is still the middle of winter, the peak of flu season, and regulations are being lifted.

The light is being turned on so fast. Mistakes are being made so quickly.

Now the New York Times is soothing the public instead of injecting it’s fear filled rhetoric. Covid is just an annoying infection. All of those words in the same sentence. All you need is exposure and to build immunity. HUH? But except you told me that my whole family is gunna die last month. Gross.

Please tell me you see what I see. Instead of skeletons, death and terror – a kid playing with bubbles?!?!?!?

HOW can you not see manipulation? How thick do the blinders have to be that you cannot see the lies, theft, deceit, bullying, robbery, murder, psychological terror, prison sentences, fines, riots, destruction.

Did I tell you about the day that the State Trooper accosted me for 15 minutes while I was at the beach having lunch with my kids? No one was around me, the beach was deserted, I wasn’t hurting anyone and I brought a sign that stated I was practicing my First Amendment Rights. Did I tell you about the terror I felt while he stood a couple of feet away from me with his hand on his pistol?

That’s who you voted for? That’s what makes you comfortable at the end of the day. You sleep cozy on your pillow and drive around with a bumper sticker that proudly promotes the fact that blue is how you bleed?

I am not sorry to say that you should be ashamed of yourself to think with a brain that has no option for discernment.

Please explain to me how I am wrong. Please tell me how all of the things you support is right. Please explain to me all the things because you voice will have to say the words out loud. You will hear yourself speak reality and hopefully when you hear yourself you will finally understand and rid yourself of the confusion. You may see the light? You might see how you were steered the wrong way? You might feel frustrated too and push back.

Aren’t you tired of all the latex gloves and masks made in China? They are filling our oceans and our land with horrid chemicals that our babies are going to have to deal with one day. Aren’t you tired of not doing all the activities and sports you love? Aren’t you tired of not being able to travel and see your family? Aren’t you tired of not having fun parties and celebrating super awesome things? Aren’t you tired of being lied to?

I am.

Numbers 32:23 – Be sure your sin will find you out.

Sin has a very balancing way of being discovered. It is birthed in evil and from evil all acts going forward will be evil. You cannot perform an evil act and then expect the aftermath to produce righteousness.

However, sin is always forgiven.

1 John 1 – If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. If we claim we have not sinned, we make him out to be a liar and his word has no place in our lives.

I am going to remain in prayer. Humble prayer. I cannot point fingers in accusation without being fully aware of my own sin. I am a sinner and it is because of God’s mercy that I am able to say with full confidence – I am a child of God. He forgave me of my sin because He first loved me. My Salvation is built on the greatest act of love ever known.

History tries over and over to sell this story. Blockbuster movies are written in this rhetoric of the Sacrificial love of one to save the rest.

But this is my story. Jesus is my Savior. He is the one that will save us. He will return. When He does return His promise is that I will find myself in Heaven in an instant and I will not suffer because of my sin. He took all of my sin and I am forgiven. Praise His name. He is the God I serve.

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