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FREE BIBLE WORKSHEETS! Genesis – Creation – Praise!

God created

All you see

The light

The dark

The sky

The sea

God designed

The water deep

The beautiful sky

And He does keep

Them seprated

Up and down

Water and sky

All around

Then He moved

The water and land

Earth was formed

It was so grand

He decorated the sky

With stars

The moon

The sun

The clouds

The land did bloom

With plants

And seeds

And roots

And flower

It was all created

With HIS great Power!

The birds then flew

Into the sky

And fish began

Swimming by

The land was filled

With beast in field

The elepahant, giraffe

All did yield

To Adam and Eve

He made them last

And to them both

He then did pass

The gift of all

He made for them

He loved them so

Designed like THEM

God designed us

In Their great form

Jesus, God, Spirit

Love was born

All was made

In six days

Then God rested

And said always

Bless this day

It is My Own

Rest and focus

All who roam

I made this

Out of love

So, we raise our hands

Up above

Creation miracle

We all say,

Dear Lord we praise You,

always each day!

I had a hard time finding Bible Worksheets for my daughter, so what do I do when faced with an obstacle? Overcome, create, design, and


Of course I am going to share them with you. All of our children should be blessed with reading the Bible, studying it and learning from it. It is the greatest tool we will ever have to live successful lives. The only way we can be better is by spending time in the – active and alive – Word of the Lord.

I am so thankful for the new craving I have to spend more time reading my Bible and learning more about my faith. Thank you Jesus for answer to prayer.

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