Fear an Idol?

Fear is not an idol, How can it be? When it’s the only thing That comforts me? If I’m not scared For just one minute I can’t control All that’s in it If I don’t feel Adrenaline Then I’m not controlling Safety within See? It works! See me so scared I’m ready to fight So prepared Fright or flight Consumes me It’s so safe here Come join me I can’t stop watching My news feeds I can’t turn away This supersedes What you’re saying “Trust and obey” Na, not me I like my way This really works See my hair … Continue reading Fear an Idol?

Education and Assimilation

Educate your precious mind Fill it up with wisdom Be careful what you fill it with I recommend this system Take the info that you get And consider it’s true source filter out the garbage Use Biblical recourse Assimilation what … Continue reading Education and Assimilation

St. Patrick’s Day – FREE – Christian Homeschool Worksheets

A day we celebrate History A day that’s masked In mystery This day of honor Covered up By sinful slander A frothy cup This day is special A Christian man For a missionary Following God’s Plan He was sold To … Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day – FREE – Christian Homeschool Worksheets

My Prayer for Mayor Don Iveson of Edmonton, Alberta

Mayor Don Iveson 2nd Floor, City Hall1 Sir Winston Churchill SquareEdmonton, ABT5J 2R7 Dear Lord, Please forgive Don Iveson for his crime against Your Word. His proclamation of war against the church is being heard all over the world. Please forgive him because he doesn’t not know You. He has no idea the power and might of prayer. He has no idea the number of Christians praying to The Creator that justice will be served. Yet, in faith, we know, You work all things for good. You take evil and you twist it and use it for good. There is … Continue reading My Prayer for Mayor Don Iveson of Edmonton, Alberta